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Configuration Migration Assistant Part 5 - Migration Requests

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

Once you have Migration Plans created the next step is assembling them into Migration Requests. The Migration Request is a collection of unrelated Migration Plans and associated filter criteria to decide the scope of the migration.

To create a Migration Request navigate to the Administration Menu and select the M --> Migration Request menu option and fill in the following:

  • Migration Request - Name the Migration Request (it should be prefixed with CM to seperate it from the Migration Requests delivered with the product).
  • Description - A short description to describe the Migration Request
  • Detailed Descrption - A detailed description of the Migration Request
  • Migration Plans - A list of Migration Plans to include in this Migration Request and the Selection Criteria to use to subset the requests. This means the following:
    • Migration Plan - The Migration Plan to include in the Migration Request. The Migration Plans in the Request are NOT related. Any relationships are documented in the Migration Plans.
    • Selection Type - The criteria to select the subset of records in the Primary object in the Migration Plan. The Configuration Migration Assistant supports SQL based, XPath based or Algorithm based criteria.
    • Key Selection - The selection criteria to use in the format as specified in the Selection Type. This is SQL WHERE clause, XPATH statement or algorithm to use for selection. You can yse the help icon to find examples.

   For example:

Example Migration Request

The above example uses the (1=1) SQL clause to indicate that ALL records are migrated.

Note: The product supplies the majority of the Migration Requests you would use in the implementation. This step is only necessary if you wanted to copy a base Migration Request and alter it or add custom Business Objects to Migration Plans/Requests.

This concludes the configuration of the Configuration Migration Assistant. The next blog entries on this subject will discuss the execution components of the feature.

For more information about this aspect of the Configuration Migration Assistant and other aspects refer to the Configuration Migration Assistant Overview (Doc Id: 1506830.1) whitepaper available from My Oracle Support.

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