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Archiving/ILM Part 2 - ILM Date And ILM Archive Flag

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

As part if the new data management capabilities of Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4., two new columns have been added to products to be managed by this capability.

  • ILM Date (ILM_DT) - This is a field populated with the system date at record creation time. This sets the starting date (plus the retention period) where the ILM solution will evaluate the eligibility of the record for archiving by the ILM Crawler. This date is set by the Maintenance Object at object creation time but like ANY other column in the object can be altered by algorithms, batch processes etc. Manipulating the date can delay (or speed up) ILM activities on a particular object. For example, it is possible to set this date in an appropriate algorithm (set by your business practices) to manipulate when a particular object is to be considered for ILM consideration.
  • ILM Archive Flag (ILM_ARCH_FLG) - This is a flag, set to N by default, that determines whether the record is eligible for archiving (removal) or any other ILM activities. This column is maintained by the ILM Crawler assigned to the object, which will assess the rules for eligibility after the ILM_DT has passed. If the record is deemed eligible for archiving then the value will be set to Y to indicate that other ILM activities can be safely performed on this object.

The ILM Crawlers uses these columns and the associated ILM Eligibility algorithm n the Maintenance Object to determine the eligibility of the objects. These values are managed for you automatically. If the basic setup is not sufficient for your data retention needs the ILM Eligibility algorithm can be altered to suit your needs or other algorithms can be extended to help you set these values.

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