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In the past 12 months, only 44 percent of the world’s energy consumers interacted with their utilities through a digital channel, according to new research from Accenture. That’s an anachronism not just in an era of Netflixes and Ubers, but in an era when even traditional companies like banks and insurers are going all-in on online. In 2015, people just flat-out expect their service providers to offer helpful, dependable digital tools. But a lot of utility websites aren’t there yet — which leads the majority of customers to stick with expensive, analogue channels, like phones and paper mail. What gets lost in that story is how tough it is to redesign a utility website. For a lot of energy providers, it’s a process that takes years. It costs a fortune. It consumes your IT team — and not just to build and implement, but to maintain. There’s no guarantee that the final product will be stable, or that it will deliver on the objectives it’s supposed to. And because the sunk costs are so big, and most solutions are so inflexible, it’s almost impossible to roll out new features quickly. So even the best websites start feeling dated and incomplete after a few months. Let’s fix that. Today, Opower is proud to announce NextWeb — a new solution that makes it easy to build the website you want on time and under budget. Like the rest of our products, NextWeb is powered by the world’s leading experts in utility customer experience. It’s flexible enough to grow with your business, and it offers the speed of SaaS. Upgrades can happen in weeks, not years. Best of all, NextWeb is totally customizable. You can take any of Opower’s insights and web tools and embed them across your web and mobile experience. Swapping one widget for another just takes a couple lines of Javascript. 

One exciting feature in NextWeb: a big upgrade to our audit tool. We reimagined it and rebuilt it after 70+ user research sessions. 

The benefits are pretty remarkable. To take just one example, NextWeb makes it simple to integrate Opower’s billing analysis directly on your billing page, so customers can get the insights they need when it really counts. We’ve even cooked up some new features. For the first time, you can create dynamic, targeted web experiences for your customers. You can also help them enroll in our Points and Rewards program, which boosted web engagement by 9x at National Grid Rhode Island. It also raised customer sentiment by a whopping 11 percent.Whatever you want to do with your website, NextWeb makes it possible. The end result is happier customers, more self service, and lower costs.


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