95 utilities just achieved 6 billion kilowatt-hours of energy savings. This tech made it possible.

2015 is off to a strong start for Opower and our utility partners. We're proud to announce that together, we've helped families and businesses save 6 terawatt-hours of energy to date — enough to power all the homes in Alaska and Hawaii for a full year. This is a huge milestone, and it belongs first and foremost to our clients. More than 95 utilities worldwide have deployed our software to help their customers better manage their energy use. And they’ve seen incredible success: to date, our clients have reduced their customers’ bills by more than $700 million.
Our clients have reduced their customers’ bills by more than $700 million.

They’ve also avoided more than 9 billion pounds of carbon dioxide pollution that contributes to global warming. That’s like taking nearly 900,000 cars off the road for a year, or preserving 32,000 acres of American forests. One of our longstanding clients, New Jersey Natural Gas — which has used Opower's customer engagement software to save more than 1.6 million therms — spoke about what the milestone means to them. "New Jersey Natural Gas is committed to empowering our customers with the right tools and information to help manage their energy bills," said Kathleen T. Ellis, their Chief Operating Officer. "Through innovative technology, like the Opower program, we are able to give our customers an enriched customer experience that helps them save energy and money."


Those outcomes are the result of huge investments in our software platform. Right now, Opower's analytics engine is pulling in more than 100 billion meter reads a year, weather statistics from nearly 30,000 measurement stations worldwide, behavioral patterns from more than 50 million utility customers, and other data streams that span demographics to online engagement to thermostat setpoints. It's the world's largest energy database, and it's helping us deliver the personalized insights that utility customers need to make smarter energy decisions. Six terawatt-hours is just the beginning. Marking the milestone earlier today, our CEO pointed out that “worldwide, utilities are facing unprecedented challenges — from flat demand, to more distributed generation, to new regulatory hurdles. Programs like ours show that by leveraging technology to strengthen customer engagement, utilities can provide unique leadership in helping people make smarter energy decisions.” We’re ready to help make it happen. Today, over 50 million people around the globe are getting the personalized, timely insights they need to take control of their energy use. We have the technology and the team to reach millions more in the months ahead.


Calculation note: The Energy Information Administration reports that the residential sectors in Alaska and Hawaii consume approximately 2.1 and 2.7 terawatt-hours of electricity per year, respectively.

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