5 data-driven reasons to sign up right now for Oracle Industry Connect

The world is all about data, whether qualitative or quantitative. We study every word. We weigh every move. We think about affects and effects, benefits and drawbacks. We want to know exactly what we’re getting from our next move before we make it—and it doesn’t matter if that move is massive or miniscule.

We do this with car purchases, with college selection, with dinner dates. And, in the business world, nothing gets more scrutiny than conference attendance. We mull: Is it really worth the time away? Is it really worth the travel? Will I truly get something from this conference that I can’t get anywhere else?

Let us help you mull Oracle Industry Connect attendance. Here’s what you’ll get from coming to this executive show this April in New York City.

1. An occasion to expand your horizons: The utilities business isn’t the only industry represented at Oracle Industry Connect. Every global business unit under the Oracle umbrella will be there, from communications to health sciences, from retail to hospitality—offering you technology insights and lessons not just from inside our own industry but from other viewpoints. What’s financial got to say about blockchain? What’s construction and engineering got to say about smart cities? Get outsider and insider insights alike in NYC this April.

2. A peek inside the unique stuff going on in New York: Anyone who’s read the state’s energy plan knows that New York is truly looking to clean up its power play—and succeeding. The plan is all about energy that’s leaner, cleaner, cheaper and greener, and its signature push is REV (Reforming the Energy Vision), which has an equally singular goal: making the economics of energy more even, open and balanced in the future. In this Oracle Industry Connect session, you'll get the view of people elbows-deep in shifting that vision from planning to reality. We’re gathering those in the know from NY Energy Czar Richard Kauffman to Con Edison’s Matt Ketschke to discuss.

3. A chance to get questions answered: Yes, we’ll have some awesome speakers to talk to you about the future, about technology, about new thinking in this new age. But, you’ll also have access to a massive group of Oracle Utilities insiders, from the chief on down. Got product questions? Got concerns before making a purchase? Just want to talk about options specific to your utility? We can find you someone for that—an onsite, personal 1:1 sit down to get you anything and everything you want to know about our products, our services and our support team. If you have an Oracle question, we’ll get you an Oracle answer.

4. A moment to rub elbows: Beyond those Oracle questions you might have, let’s talk about getting down to the business of utilities with other utilities. From attendees to featured speakers to roundtable leaders, there’s not an hour that goes by at Oracle Industry Connect without the opportunity to do just that—connect. Peers abound, and many are already slated to lead discussions on customer desires, new technology, how to innovate and how to adapt, too. So, consider that bonus 1:1 time. You can talk to us about anything, and you can talk to other utilities about anything. Seems like a lot of your questions could get answered at Oracle Industry Connect.

5. An opportunity to see the Big Apple like a tourist: Did we mention we’re not just in the state of New York but in New York City? When’s the last time you got to go to there? We know you have a NYC bucket list. Well, we know we have a NYC bucket list and suspect you have one, too. Ours: Billy Joel at the Garden, the Met, Chinatown, Lady Liberty, Spongebob on Broadway, a Law & Order tour. (Surely, there’s a Law & Order tour somewhere, somehow.) Take the day before. Take two days before. Take a day after. Get both professional and personal benefits from this conference time. (We hear Spongebob is actually getting good reviews.)


Ready to request an invite to Oracle Industry Connect? Just click here.

Still on the fence? Still thinking things through? Take a look at the sessions for details on who’s talking and about what. The Oracle Industry Connect session catalog is now live. Just click here.

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