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20 quick points from today's Customer Edge 2020

Oracle Utilities #CustomerEdge2020 opened with a jam-packed keynote session—filled to brim with an active audience and some fabulous insights, too. Can’t be here this week? Here’s what we learned in 20 quick points that cover your business from your utility to your utility customer.

1. Partnerships for the future of this industry will make the evolution to tomorrow’s utility easier, cleaner, less painful, faster and smarter. (You don’t have to do this alone.)

2. Innovation needs to drive every tech choice and every customer-centric decision every day at every utility.

3. That future we’re talking about this week? It’s in the cloud. (And we’re happy to help you with that journey.)

4. Your utility customers want outcomes, but we’re still fundamentally focused on the tech and data making those outcomes. (This is a change in POV for all of us.)

5. Your utility customers don’t want lots of choices to wade through alone. They want a trusted energy advisor to guide them to that right outcome. (See #4.)

6.  Investments in digital channels should lead, but don’t forget your traditional channels that support. (They’re both necessary in a dual innovation world.)

7. Your utility customers want online services, but our industry lags a little in those services offered beyond bill payment. (See #6 again.)

8.  Your start-service moment with your customer can provide lots of opportunities to lay a foundation to know her in more detail (so you’ll know what to offer them that’s configured to be more personal). And this is when your customer is thinking about rates (if they think about them at all.)

9. Before thinking about new revenue streams, we must keep grid reliability in mind. (And reliability and resilience are still core at every utility.)

10. Moments that matter still matter. (Don’t know those moments that matter for your utility customers? Opower can help you with that.)

11. EVs will bring you lots of questions about charging and your prosumer customer (where, when and how much with EVs).

12. You want your customer to trust you; we want you to trust your data. To be able to do that, invest in vendor partnerships with people who invest in data science. (This is the magic and machine learning moment.)

13.  Let’s talk about how to nudge your utility customers into channels that help them save money (and help you work your systems and networks more efficiently.)

14. Learn about innovative interconnections across your grid (and how to manage them smartly) with a look at that management in action. (This is a shout out to our traveling #ConnectedHub home model.)

15. We love analytics, and we love talking about analytics and sharing our #analyticsinsights. In fact, we’ve talking to over 100 utilities about analytics specifically. We’d love to talk to you about it, too.

16. Did we mention the cloud yet? We did? Well, it can’t be mentioned enough. Need a quick start guide? Check out this out.

17. Assets that run smooth and run long are building blocks for that utility future everyone wants: us, you, your customers. We have a few tidbits on how to manage those.

18.  Don’t run your analytics models in isolation. Engage people early and start small, and this will help with validation and system building (and also builds trust, too). (We learned this one from our partner HEXstream.)

19. Disruption is happening right now. You’re in the middle of it. We’ve all got to learn to recognize it and use it to our advantage across this industry.

20. In the end, we’ll stress this repeatedly (at this show and outside of it, too): Today’s utility world really is all about your customer. And everything we do together has to be customer-centric.


Want to learn even more from this show? Our own Rodger Smith has a personal viewpoint on LinkedIn that expands these ideas even more. You can read that right here.  

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Learn more about Oracle Industries Innovation Lab: https://www.oracle.com/industries/utilities/innovation-lab.html

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