Monday May 26, 2014

Wearables and UX Innovation: En Español y Inglés

Good examples of Oracle's commitment to tech diversity and to innovation can be seen everywhere.

Here's a couple of videos from the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team, featuring Sarahi Mireles (@sarahimireles) and Noel Portugal (@noelportugal) who work together on some very cool stuff.

The videos are available on the Oracle Technology Network Architecture (OTNArchBeat) Community Video Channel on YouTube. Sarahi and Noel show you how cool people work together on some awesome innovations, worldwide.

Pebble Watch Spanish Facebook watch face notification

Sarahi Mireles showing off a Spanish language Pebble watch Facebook notification.

The videos are in Spanish and English and feature the latest in wearable technology that the UX team is exploring and that UX team members themselves love to use. Check out what they have to say in your preferred language.

Manos libres y vista al frente: Con el futuro puesto

Heads Up and Hands Free: Wearing the Future

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Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Thoughts on Google Project Glasss: CRM and More...

Knocked up and presented at today's inside a few minutes at Google Developer Group Dublin's Google I/O Extended Extended session of 31-July-2012: my exploration of Project Glass.

Covers what Project Glass is, the UX dimension, the innovation opportunities presented, the developer uptake, some references for you, and a call to action.

Note:If this presentation doesn't play in your browser, then you can also access the Google Project Glass Slideshare presentation directly.

Won a prize for this one too. Thanks GDG Dublin. Super event. You can follow GDG Dublin on Twitter too.

Monday May 28, 2012

From Inside the Fishbowl: UX Provocation, Innovation, and Games

I previously pointed out risks of conflating gamification and gaming per se. That’s not to dismiss using gaming technology to perform business tasks, of course. Why shouldn’t I do my Oracle expenses on my seven year-old’s Nintendo 3DS if it’s handy when we’re traveling together, for example? That the expenses process itself would also be gamified resonates with the platform too.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS and business applications: From Browser to Bowser? Image referenced from site. All rights acknowleged.

I met the brilliant Dr. Edward de Bono a few years ago. He’s the genius behind Lateral Thinking and the technique of ‘PO’ (or Provocative Operation). De Bono challenged Shell Oil to drill for oil horizontally instead of vertically, and now everyone drills that way. He’s been directly and indirectly responsible for lots of other high business values ideas becoming real, all based on challenging us to think more creatively when solving problems.

Enterprise applications user experience needs more genius provocateurs too. One such guy is John Sim (@JRSim_UIX), UK-based consultant for Oracle Gold Partner Fishbowl Solutions. After meeting John at the Oracle offices in London recently, I came away thinking hard about what gaming offers us. I was totally blown away by John’s technical wizardry, demonstrated with WebCenter and other Oracle technology, but his stuff with the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect (also featured at Collaborate 12) really opened up my mind to a whole range of possible business use cases.

Why not use game controllers to move people around the Oracle Fusion Applications Human Capital Management person portrait gallery and take actions right away?

Person Gallery Portrait, part of the user experience for Fusion HCM Applications.

Oracle Fusion Applications HCM Person Portrait Gallery

Or why not use the Xbox 360 and Kinect to interact with a portal? How about using game controllers and gestures to manage your supply chain, orchestrate orders, getting field sales teams onto guerilla market leads, do some easy visual manipulation of analytics or model financial scenarios in advance? Maybe combine insight at work and keep fit at the same time, all in front of your TV. A large game screen could be the ideal way to record and manage resources and feedback, time management, progress or other activities in an open office environment such as a call center. Gesture controls, people, are just another way to allow interaction with apps.

Leap Motion Leap gesture-based computer interaction system.

Don’t get blind-sided by a narrow definition of devices. Under pressure from the BYOD, open source devices, cheap, powerful processors and design platforms, and the gaming generation, within 3-5 years what we consider to be a device for running our apps will even require UX thought about how the wearable devices color coordinates with the rest of the user’s ensemble and mood. ADF skinning never had it so good! Another reason why events like Maker Faire are important to Oracle. Anyone for printing their own parts as a solution to service requests in the field using 3D Printers?

Printrbot: Your First 3D Printer

Lots to think about.

You can read more about John’s insights on the Fishbowl Solutions C4blog.

Provoked enough? Find the comments.

Friday Oct 15, 2010

The Community Support Explosion

Not convinced of the power of community support, eh? Then I urge you to check out this presentation from Greg Oxton of the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI). Incredible. A very important statement about why enterprises need to be aware of--and harness--the power of their user communities.

(Image copyright CSI 2010) Oracle is a member of the CSI.

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