OWL Conference: International Women's Day

On March 10, Oracle Women Leadership (OWL) held an International Women's Day event for all Oracle women.

The vision of OWL Foundation is to grow and reach future generations, as well as to develop women leaders, and have greater outreach of women in the field of IT.

Leticia Moguel Paz, Director of Sales for Mary Kay, gave a very entertaining lecture to young women in Oracle. We were challenged to believe in ourselves, to have initiative, to be prepared, to practice, to become better, to persevere, to never stop learning, to be women of character, to surround ourselves with positive people, and take on new responsibilities that encourage us to grow.

"The important thing is not what happens to you but how you react to what happens to you." These were the words of Lety in her talk about making decisions decision-making. As for being successful women, Lety said, "We have success when we defeat ourselves."

It was an excellent breakfast and certainly an excellent conference that left me with many challenges to meet. To learn more about OWL, you can read a short review of its origins here.