UsableApps Web Site Down?

Hi UsableApps readers,

You may have noticed that the UsableApps blog is up, but the Web site is down.  I know this means you do not currently have access to:

  • Fusion Applications product family details.
  • Customer success stories with existing applications.
  • OBIEE Design Patterns.
  • OUAB information.
  • Upcoming conferences where you could test our latest designs.

We are working within the Oracle ecosystem to resurrect the content elsewhere.  But we do not have an estimated “up time.”

If you have a perspective on this that you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.  We are looking to have a better understanding of how you use this content, especially in terms of understanding your priorities. This may help guide which pieces of content we are able to revive.

Thanks for reading UsableApps.

Misha Vaughan, UsableApps Editor-in-Chief


It's a sad trend that Oracle is yanking more and more useful content off the web (the Oracle Wiki also died this week).

Given the fact that usability is the KEY selling point of Fusion Applications, it's especially strange that UsableApps was taken down. That was the site that showcased Oracle's work in usability and giving credence to Oracle's claims of superior usability in Fusion Apps.

It is not imperative that the content has its own URL, but when resurrected, it should definitely live among the valuable and useful content on OTN. Please do not dilute the power of your usability message by mixing it with the marketing fluff on the main site.

Posted by Sten Vesterli on July 19, 2011 at 04:20 AM PDT #

The Oracle user ecosystem wants to understand issues when it is relevant to them. When that time comes they will search or research content and bloggers and authors have long pointed to content on websites such as this; i know I have. Broken links do an number of things, for me they affect my credibility and for the user, fustrates them and gives them no answer.

It is bad enough that if content is reposted we will have to amend links but if it is not the knowledge is lost forever.

Posted by guest on July 19, 2011 at 05:17 AM PDT #

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