Startups: Your Oracle PaaS4SaaS Cloud Pivot Enabler is Here

Oracle Applications User Experience Senior Director Ultan O’Broin (@ultan) keeps his finger on the pulse of the startup scene in EMEA with an eye to enabling that community with the OAUX outreach machine. Here he talks about user experience (UX) enablement that's on offer to startups to accelerate their SaaS and PaaS opportunities.

 When Life Gives You Lemons, Pivot

Jared of Pied Piper Pivots

Pivoting: That realization that a permanent income is preferable to remaining just a fascination.

After over two decades of experience in the tech industry, half of it in the Valley, I still find it hard to predict what’s going to go down on any given day. Even if things go slightly pear-shaped, I rarely don’t have a #lovemyjob day. Having a sense of humor always helps . . . .

Dogpatch Labs Dublin, Ireland

Dogpatch Labs tech co-working space, Dublin. As good a community of happening startups as anywhere in Silicon Valley (Image: Ultan O'Broin). 

This is probably why HBO's Silicon Valley is favorite viewing of mine. I can relate to it: Not only does it resonate with my experience, it goes past the tech jargon and cuts close to the bone with those #ouch moments.

In the first season of Silicon Valley, there's the famous TechCrunch Disrupt scene where Pied Piper's business development head Jared Dunn responds to a "life giving you lemons" moment by advising the crew that their startup needs to “pivot” and pitch their middle-out compression solution in a different direction. Pivoting is about being adaptable and finding a good fit with the market.

Twilio IPO Congrats at Dogpatch Labs

Twilio IPO celebrated in Dogpatch Labs (Twilio Ireland is located there.) (Image: Ultan O'Broin)

If This, Then That Partner Conundrum

OAUX partners also need to be adaptable in the fast-moving “as a service” space. Building new stuff to pitch is as critical to meeting the demands of a customer as expectations about the shortened innovation cycles of a cloud.

Take virtual reality,  augmented reality, or wearable tech, for example. Partners cannot sell an innovative solution with new technology unless they build it to show it. Yet unless a customer expresses a serious interest in it, they won't risk the expenses and time cost in building something to show to the market. Two factors for success remain constant, though, for a customer to sign up for something new: the solution must add value by solving a problem, and the user experience must be superb.

Startup Enablement Accelerators

The OAUX Cloud UX Rapid Development Kit (RDK) solves this kind of "chicken and egg" problem. Using our kit and enablement practices help startups identify suitable SaaS integrations or custom PaaS apps business use cases and design them using the startup-friendly Jobs To Be Done approach à la Intercom, and then rapidly build and deploy the result as an awesome user experience.

Of course the OAUX team has worked with the best of the startup ecosystem for years: Our AppsLab emerging tech team are huge fans of Twilio (now past IPO stage). We have a great story to tell about enabling others worldwide to design and build PaaS4SaaS solutions with a killer UX to seek out and win business with. In the applications space, startup operations, such as FXLoader, have solutions on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and others, such as Certus Solutions, are already UX and PaaS4SaaS champs.

FXLoader runs on Oracle PaaS to automate currency exchange rate uploads into Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud.

Step into Greatness

Are you a startup that wants to build a killer SaaS or PaaS UX for the cloud? Do you need design guidance for your idea? If so, check out our RDK: it's free. Furthermore, we offer free design guidance and enablement workshops for selected use cases, too. For additional hands-on enablement to happen (which takes the form of a couple of online sessions and a hands-on workshop), there are some criteria you'll need to meet:

  • You must have a cutting edge simplified UI use case for SaaS extensions or PaaS custom app with a responsive web UI across devices; same for any IoT, wearable tech, or mobile solution that integrates with the API riches of the web.
  • You must be an active Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) member (Silver level+).
  • Your application or service must extend or integrate with one or more of the Oracle SaaS applications using supported APIs or PaaS or cloud integration services and/or application extensibility tools.
  • You must have full-stack or front-end developers who know their chops with the necessary dev tools.
  • You must be willing to share your success story with Oracle and the partner/startup community.
There are other gotchas that we will also check into before we commit. For example: Are you well past series A funding? Are you out of your parents' garage yet? Is there a Russ Hanneman on board (we'll let you know)? And yes, we will parse your social media history. The final stage would be that you'd need to complete a review and live demonstration to the OAUX and/or the Oracle Cloud Marketplace teams.

Our PaaS4SaaS enablement is already proven in Silicon Valley and in EMEA. Our relationships with the startup community and partner network are global ones and growing all the time.

So if you’re interested in starting a conversation with us about enablement, then contact us through the usual channels or in the Comments section below.


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