OpenWorld 2010 Session: Stay Away If You Are Technical

By Misha Vaughan, Architect, Applications User Experience
And Kathy Miedema, Oracle Applications User Experience

With all of the buzz and excitement coming at OpenWorld 2010 this year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a session you may not have planned to attend. Debra Lilley, a Principal Business Consultant with Fujitsu, is offering a unique session on Oracle Fusion Middleware: "Stay Away If You Are Technical: This Is Oracle Fusion Middleware for Business."


Photo courtesy of Debra Lilley

Lulit Bezuayehu, from the Oracle Applications User Experience team, and Debra Lilley, from Fujitsu, at Oracle's UK office recently.

The Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team has a soft spot for Debra because she's been such a big part of our research on the next generation of Oracle enterprise software, and her opinions are always honest and sincere. She has a knack for capturing the essence of an issue and explaining it in a way that makes sense to everyone.

Debra's expertise in Oracle products extends far beyond her work with us. She's also an Oracle Certified Professional (Applications) and an Oracle Master (IT Professional). She has been a director of the UK Oracle User Group, or UKOUG, since 2004 and is currently the Deputy Chairman. She is also responsible for the Product Development Committee with the International Oracle Users Group Community, or IOUC. Debra is also an Oracle ACE Director, one of the first from the Applications community, and the winner of the 2008 Oracle Magazine Editor's Choice Award for User Group Evangelist of the Year.

Debra's Don't-Miss Session

In her 30-minute Fusion Middleware (FMW) session Debra promises not to blind her listeners with tech-speak. "Geeks can do the Middleware stuff," she says, "they just can't articulate it to normal people. I have actually had one of the world's top Fusion Middleware practitioners come to my session so he could learn how to talk to customers about it." Her session will be held on Sunday, Sept. 19, at 4:30 p.m. in Moscone West L2, Room 2010.

Debra admits that she might have a deeper understanding of the geek world than most. "I like to say I am not a geek, but based on my friendship circle, I do hang out with too many of them. One friend recently commented on my Facebook page, 'Debra ... is FAST turning into a GEEK.'"

However, Debra means it when she says her OpenWorld session is for the non-technical: "Everyone is welcome, but ask a geek question, and I will forcibly remove you," she says. (We think she won't actually make you leave, but do expect her to share her particular brand of humor.)

So what can you expect from Debra's session? "Fusion Middleware is about bringing order and simplicity to your IT estate," she says. "It makes life easier and is about simplifying your IT, so the next upgrade, replacement or change is not a major headache. It's like taking a group of schoolchildren out for the day who all speak different languages, and teaching them a common one so that everyone communicates with each other and works effectively together."

Debra knows she can convince others to appreciate Oracle Fusion Middleware as well. "When you really understand what it does, you will see the potential for your organization," she promises.

And that's what she wants to tell you in her session - in plain English.

To read more from Debra Lilley, check her blog at

To register for her session, go to the Oracle OpenWorld content registration page and register for Debra's session using this Session ID number: S315685.

For more information on sessions and demo pods by the Oracle Applications User Experience team, check our Events page at the Usable Apps Web site.


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