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Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience

If you’re looking for more information about Oracle’s next-generation enterprise software, including current releases of PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, and the recently announced Fusion Applications, the Oracle Applications User Experience team offers several opportunities for you to hear the story around Oracle’s customer user experience.

In August, hear the vice president of the Oracle Applications User Experience team, Jeremy Ashley, speak at InSync in Sydney, Australia. Ashley and other members of the team will appear again at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 in October in San Francisco. 

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What's next for Oracle's Applications User Experiences?

  • InSync11, Sydney, Australia
  • 9 – 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 17

Ashley will talk about what’s coming for next-generation enterprise applications in “What’s Next for Oracle’s Applications User Experiences?” He’ll describe newly available user experience enhancements, designed by the Applications User Experience team, in the next generations of PeopleTools, PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards, among other Oracle products. He’ll also detail how Oracle is helping businesses customize their own user experiences with access to a new repository of OBIEE design patterns, including tips and guidance from Oracle experts on how to build your own high-standard user experience.

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More about what’s next for Oracle’s applications user experiences as well as looks at Fusion Applications user experience features, including a demo and screenshots of several tools that cross application work flows, will be available in presentations from the Applications User Experience team at OpenWorld 2011, in San Francisco from October 2-6.

Ashley will be joined by Katie Candland, Director of the Fusion Applications User Experience, in a presentation about how Oracle’s user experience features drive productivity for users. Edward Roske, the CEO of InterRel Consulting and an Oracle ACE director, will show a demo during the presentation.

Ashley calls the design of the new user interface one of Fusion’s best innovations. “Fusion is all about the process now, it’s not about the actual application,” Ashley said. The key to Fusion is actually the navigation across work flows. It’s what drives ease-of-use, making it simple to cross applications or product families such as CRM or HCM from one work flow to the next.

Jeremy Ashley and Katie Candland
Photo by Martin Taylor, Oracle Applications User Experience

Jeremy Ashley, left, who heads the Oracle Applications UX team, and Katie Candland, director of the Fusion Applications User Experience, discuss how the Fusion UX project evolved.

You’ll also get a glimpse of how trends are influencing the Oracle design of new user experience tools and abilities, such as mobile platforms.

"By working with our customers, we're learning about new roles that have evolved with changing business practices, and the information they need in different contexts and across a spectrum of devices,” Candland said.

A session by Sherry Mead, User Experience Architect; Laurie Pattison, Oracle Senior Director of User Experience; and DJ Ursal, a Principal Product Manager, will focus solely on the new Search capabilities in Fusion Applications, and describe how it works and how Oracle Fusion Middleware figures into the picture to make sure that users get the right information at the right time.

"Search-based applications provide a superior user experience by aggregating all the information users need in one place and making navigation quick and easy," Mead said.

For those interested in what’s coming on mobile platforms from Oracle, visit the demopods for a chance to test-drive Oracle applications on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets such as the iPad. Visitors will also get a chance to try out some of the sophisticated techniques Oracle user experience architects rely on to evaluate enterprise software designs, such as eye-tracking and facial gesture analysis.

Come see us at OpenWorld!

The Fusion Applications User Experience: Transforming Insight into Action

Presenters: Jeremy Ashley and Katie Candland; Oracle
Session ID: 18700
Date: Monday, October 3, 2011
Time: 11:00 AM
Venue/Room: Moscone West - 2020

What Is Next for the User Experience in Oracle Applications?

Presenters: Madhuri Kolhatkar and George Hackman; Oracle
Session ID: 13601
Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011
Time: 12:00 PM
Venue/Room: Moscone West - 2002 / 2004

Search as Key to the User Experience: Oracle Fusion Applications Search

Presenters: Sherry Mead, Laurie Pattison, and DJ Ursal; Oracle
Session ID: 13788
Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue/Room: Intercontinental - Union Square

Extend Your Applications - Your Applications, Your Way

Presenters: Killian Evers and Kristin Desmond; Oracle
Session ID: 18622
Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Time: 11:30 AM
Venue/Room: Moscone West - 3016

Demo Pod: Cutting-edge Tools for Usability: Eye-Tracking and Facial Analysis

Demo Pod: Test-Drive Oracle Designs for Mobile Devices


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