Customer Advisors Host Oracle OpenWorld 2008 SIG on User Experience

Author: Anna Wichansky, Senior Director - Oracle Applications User Experience & Chair, Oracle Usability Advisory Board


The Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting on User Experience will have a new look at OpenWorld 2008 in San Francisco. The Oracle Usability Advisory Board (OUAB), composed of 33 customers from 22 organizations, will host a panel discussion with members of the customer audience on user experience topics relevant to enterprise software. Panel members include:

Jim Cassella, Global Applications Architect, Colorcon, Inc., West Point, PA
Pat Dues, Enterprise Program Manager, City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Sarah Gatenby, Controller, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
Carrie Medders, Training & Support HR Project Manager, San Jose State   University, San Jose, CA
Nick Popovic, Solution Architect and IT Manager, Agilent Technologies,   Santa Clara, CA
Surprise guests!


There will be a brief presentation on how and why we formed the Oracle Usability Advisory Board, and the types of activities we have at our meetings and in between. The board members will present progress updates on their working group topics, which include: Consistency and Design, Web 2.0, and Integration & Performance. The board members invite you to participate in a discussion of the pros and cons of timely topics, such as:

• The future of smart phones in your organization: Blackberry or iPhone?
• Is the Google box a sufficient user interface for enterprise search?
• What is the added value for Web 2.0 technology (e.g., social networking) in   your organization?

We hope you’ll join us for a lively discussion!


Please note: you do not need to be registered for the full conference to join us on Sunday at the SIG. You can obtain a FREE (with pre-registration until September 20, 2008) one-day Visitor Plus Pass (VPP), and attend any of the Sunday SIGs and User Group Meetings. This does not include Oracle Develop, which runs Sunday – Tuesday. After September 20, the Visitor Plus Pass costs $125.

SIG 302063: User Experience
Moscone West, Room #2010
San Francisco, California
Sun, Sep 21st @ 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. PDT


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