How to Switch Off the Universal Global Header for PaaS Oracle ADF Pages in the UX RDK

Listen up Oracle Cloud UX Rapid Development Kit (RDK) and PaaS4SaaS fans!

Available now, the Cloud UX RDK offers a headless mode switch for the AppsCloudUIKit Oracle ADF page templates. The mode turns off the Unified Global Header you’ll be familiar with from SaaS.

The headless mode is invoked by passing the headless=yes parameter in the endpoint URL for application. For example:

Headless mode switch

This is a reusable solution for cases where pages are embedded inside SaaS and make call outs to PaaS, so it’s ideal for your custom simplified UI solutions.

SaaS Unified Global Header

Unified Global Header (SaaS)

PaaS Headless Page

Headless mode à la PaaS

If you are building a use case that includes a flow for PaaS-only users, this headless mode provides them with a slick user experience without the global header (note that this switch does not turn off the filmstrip icons).

How did this enhancement come about? Well, it was a reusable partner requirement that resulted from our Profource event in particular. It doesn't take long for useful partner RDK enhancements to become mainstream. 

See the readme file that comes with the AppsCloudUIKit part of the RDK on Oracle Technology Network and GitHub for more information.


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