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Viewing the Frame ID in the UPK Player

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Frame IDs are unique identifiers for the frames within a single UPK topic. These are used internally by UPK and have been available in the topic editor for many releases. In the topic editor, you can view the frame ID on the "Topic Navigation and View" toolbar and when pointing to a frame in the "Frame Structure" pane.You can also use these IDs to navigate to a specific frame in a topic. Use the "Go To / Specific Frame" menu.

In User Productivity Kit 11, we've added the ability to display Frame IDs during topic playback. The setting defaults to Off but it can be enabled with a simple setting change. For many releases, you've been able to make setting changes in different Javascript files in the Player. In UPK 11, we've consolidated all these settings into a single Javascript file called config.js.

Locate a published UPK Player package. From the root of the package open config.js in a text editor like Notepad. Locate the following line and change it from:
ShowFrameID: "Off"
ShowFrameID: "On"

Save the file and launch the player. When you launch a topic in any mode other than "Print It!" the player will show the Frame ID in the upper left corner. You can also configure the option such that the ID only appears when a specific key combination is pressed. For example, if you wanted the ID to appear when pressing Shift + F1, you could set the ShowFrameID value to "ShiftF1". More information can be found in the topic titled Display Frame ID in Topic Player in the UPK Master Documentation Library.

This option can be useful for performing content reviews. The reviewers can provide feedback by returning the name of the topic and the ID of the frame to which their comment applies. You might consider having the Frame ID only appear when a specific key combination is used for all of your UPK content. When users have feedback or difficulty with a step, you can use the Frame ID to locate the problematic material.

Since UPK 3.5, you've also been able to add the Frame ID to print styles by customizing them with the FrameID bookmark. See the topic titled Bookmark Reference in the UPK Master Documentation Library for more information. 

We'd appreciate your thoughts and feedback on how you're using this new feature.

John Zaums
Senior Director, Product Development
User Productivity Kit

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Comments ( 3 )
  • guest Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    This is fantastic! We used this type of feature in Siebel SimBuilder years ago and was the simplest way for our SMEs to pinpoint changes required during reviews. However, changing the setting in the published config.js file, rather than having to republish content with or without the frame IDs displayed, is vastly better. I especially like the option to display on the fly via key combination. Thanks for including in v11 - I welcome anything that assists the review process!

  • guest Friday, January 6, 2012

    I would like it if the frame id can also be included in the print it mode

  • guest Friday, January 6, 2012

    In the Player, Print It! is created through the Job Aid print style. To add the Frame ID into this output, customize the Job Aid print style adding the Frame ID where you want it. Toward the end of my original post, there is a link to the bookmark reference and other material that describes how to accomplish this. (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26761_01/PlayerPackage/dhtml_kp.html?Guid=c3675ad4-df6d-4226-93d5-55e9463df84e).

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