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Usage Tracking improvements for UPK Professional customers

User Productivity Kit versions 3.6 and earlier contain an optional module call Usage Tracking which allows an organization to deploy and track how users utilize UPK content. This module is useful for a number of purposes including tracking user scores in Know It? mode, understanding what topics are used most frequently, viewing which modes are used most frequently and more. UPK Player content is tracked with virtually no impact to the user. The only difference a user need see is a login dialog in cases where standard authentication is used. Other than that, the player looks and functions in the same way. You can even deploy Usage Tracking with any In-Application Support configurations you may already have.

The UPK 11 release makes a number of improvements to the "usage tracking" module for users of UPK Professional. The most significant change in UPK 11 is that UPK Developer, Player and Usage Tracking have been fully integrated with the Knowledge Pathways module of UPK Professional. In this new, integrated product, the Usage Tracking module and Knowledge Pathways have been integrated into a single module named Knowledge Center. Knowledge Center provides the same simple and direct player access that you've seen in previous versions as well as other powerful features from Knowledge Pathways such as Knowledge Paths, custom user fields, search and more.

In this post I want to describe a couple features in the professional version of Knowledge Center that we've improved upon and extended into the usage tracking functionality.

First is expert advice. Expert advice is a feature from Knowledge Pathways that permits an organization to set up a group of experts for a set of content. Users are then provided with an option to ask a question of the experts and have a conversation with them. Let's take a look at a scenario. A user is having difficulty with a transaction in an enterprise application. The user accesses UPK from the application's help menu or by using Smarthelp and the UPK Player appears. The user then plays one or more topics answering most of their questions but one remains. What now? The user can now click the Ask an Expert button in the player, enter their questions and receive further assistance from an Expert.

The second improvement is the ability to restrict access to different player packages. Usage Tracking has always been able to manage, track and report against multiple player packages, however, it does not have the ability to control access to these various player packages. If an authenticated user has access to one player package under Usage Tracking, they have access to all of them. UPK 11 Professional Knowledge Center provides an entirely new ability to control access to player packages by usergroup. First, you must configure the player's launch option which allows you to determine whether the player can be launched directly or whether it is restricted by group. You can then control which players are available to a usergroup from the usergroup properties.

Links to documentation topics described in this post can be found below.

 Expert Advice:

Restricting Player Access:

Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year to all.

John Zaums
Senior Director, Product Development
User Productivity Kit

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Hi, i have installed knowledge center in my server, Can you please tel me how to access the knowledge center home page.

  • guest Friday, January 27, 2012

    If you select the defaults during installation, the Knowledge Center home page is access through the "kcenter" virtual directory. You would access it as http://<server>/kcenter

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