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Oracle Tutor: Document Audit and Maintenance

Perhaps the most critical phase in the process of documenting policies and procedure -- and the greatest challenge to owners -- is the maintenance of published documents. Documents must reflect current practice and they must be accurate. The most effective way to ensure this is through the regular audit of documents. In the Tutor environment, a Document Owner must audit each of his/her documents once every 6 to 12 months to verify that the document reflects actual practice. Ifi...

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Oracle Tutor: What Document Type Should You Use?

What type of business information do you want to capture in your document? Tutor Author is used to write various document types. Author comes with a selection of 'skeletons' that you can use to create various business documents from scratch. Use the first column in the table below to decide the type of content you wish to document. When you create your new document using Tutor Author, you will know which skeleton to choose from the Author > Document Types menu. References to...

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Oracle Tutor - Throwing Technology at a Problem

You’re reading a blog about two products – Oracle Tutor and UPK – that produce outputs that tell people how to do their job. What does this say about you? It probably indicates that you’re disciplined, and that you’ve found that a disciplined workplace is a more productive (and hopefully happier) workplace. Ah, but imposing discipline on others is not so easy, is it? Just try getting a teenager to keep his or her room clean. Try getting an employee to keep a log of every...

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Oracle Tutor: Learn Tutor in the comfort of your own home or office

The primary challenge for companies faced with documenting policies and procedures is to realize that they can do this documentation in-house, with existing resources, using Oracle Tutor. Procedure documentation is a critical success component for supporting corporate governance or other regulatory compliance initiatives and when implementing or upgrading to a new business application. There are over 1000 Oracle Tutor customers worldwide that have used Tutor to create,...

Monday, February 21, 2011 | Tutor Best Practice | Read More

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