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Oracle User Productivity Kit Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 3 Now Available

Oracle User Productivity
Kit Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 3 Now Available

With the release of
Oracle User Productivity Kit (Oracle UPK) came new expert features,
usability, and performance enhancements to position UPK as the premier product
in the industry. New improvements to the tool continue with the release of
Oracle UPK Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 3.

UPK Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 3 adds support for several new
platforms: Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser, Office 16. It also
 introduces new features such as importing existing PowerPoint content. In
addition to extending support for newly released applications, Oracle UPK
Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 3 Standard and Professional Editions is an
easy-to-use and comprehensive platform for developing, maintaining, and,
deploying content. Oracle UPK leads the market in rapidly creating and easily
maintaining transactional content for enterprise applications.

  • Windows 10 support – UPK 12.1 ESP 3 seamlessly integrates with the
    general Windows 10 UI and the underlying technology changes. The recorder (the
    one integrated in the Developer as well as the stand-alone RecordIt!
    application) exhibits the standard UPK user experience in both desktop and full
    screen application views.
  • Microsoft Edge
    – Windows 10 ships with
    Microsoft's next generation web browser, Edge. UPK 12.1 ESP 3 adds full support
    for Edge. Recording as well as content playback work just like in any other
    supported web browser. The browser selection UI detects Edge and allow users to
    choose it as their preview platform from the Developer and after publishing.
  • Microsoft Office 2016
    – UPK 12.1 ESP 3 supports
    the publishing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on Office 2016. The
    PowerPoint Overlay Editor and the new PowerPoint import features of course work
    seamlessly with PowerPoint 2016 as well.
  • Import from
    – PowerPoint import allows
    you to create topics from PowerPoint presentations. This is often useful when
    you want to leverage existing PowerPoint files and integrate them with your
    learning content.
    • You
      can select one or more PowerPoint files to import from the file system.
    • Each
      file will be imported as a topic. Each slide in the original PowerPoint file
      will be converted into an explanation frame.
    • The
      objects in the original slide can be edited in the Overlay Editor.
  • Knowledge Center – Several enhancements have been added to
    Knowledge Center, including import content from local file that eliminates
    issues around transferring large titles through HTTP upload.
  • Additional Support – Oracle continues to maintain, develop, as
    well as support UPK. With each new release of UPK, support is added for
    additional target applications, recording environments, operating systems,
    databases, and web browsers allowing content authors and end users to stay
    current with technology trends.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Erna Esterhuizen Friday, September 8, 2017
    Join the discussion
  • aansari Thursday, September 28, 2017
    Question for UPK Version what is the latest version
    I just looked search Metalink and its said 11.0
    so the question is Did the versioning really jump from 3.6 to 11?
  • Frederic gavard Sunday, October 15, 2017
    Is there any roadmap for UPK?
    Does Oracle continue to support UPK ?
    For how long ?
    Don't find any fresh release notes about UPK
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