UPK Tip | Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Better direct topic launches with UPK

As we approach the end of 2011, I find myself working this last week of the year for the first time in many, many years. With so many of my colleges taking holiday this week, meetings and interruptions are nowhere to be found on my schedule and so I'll take a little time to share some UPK tips and tricks with you.

For many years, there have been multiple ways to launch content in UPK. You can launch UPK content through the Player table of contents. You can launch UPK content through a Learning Management System (LMS). You have always been able to launch a single topic mode such as See It!, Try It! or Do It! through a URL. It's this last one I want to discuss in this post.

The ability to share a single topic with another person can be useful in all sorts of situations. A help desk can use them to answer user questions. I use them frequently when replying to a question in our internal Oracle employee forums. Whenever you need to share information about how to use a business applications, it's great to be able to share this through a single URL.

Until recently, if you wanted to share a single UPK topic with another person, you needed to decide which mode (See It!, Try It! ,etc.) to send. What mode is most effective for the recipient is a personal decision driven by an individual's preferred learning style. I may learn best by doing. You may learn best by watching and listening. If I sent you a link to Do It! mode, you might struggle with the information more than if I had sent you See It! or Try It! as well.

User Productivity Kit 11 adds a new method of launching topics that take the user to a page complete with the topic concept, buttons to launch every mode, support for Jump In points, access to preferences and more.

While the old style launch to mode links are still available, I'd recommend that most users switch to these more robust forms of launching topics. Give it a try for yourself using the links below!

Launching a Document (information from the UPK Documentation Library on this feature)

Example of a directly launched topic.

User Productivity Kit 11 ESP 1 also adds a new "Share" feature to the Player Table of Contents and these direct topic launches. This allows you to quickly get the URL for any item that you are viewing. Copy and paste that link into an email, onto a wiki, or whatever tool you use to share information with others.

Thank you for your time visiting this blog. If there are any other topics of interest you'd like to read about, don't hesitate to comment.

John Zaums
Senior Director, Product Development
User Productivity Kit

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