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Create a database with NON-DEFAULT Time Zone

One requirement of Transportable Tablespaces (and of course Full Transportable Export/Import as well) is to have identical database character sets AND identical time zone settings. Problem Source database has a lower time zone setting than the default target database in the destination home. Lets assume you'd like to migrate an Oracle off IBM AIX and migrate it into Oracle on an Exadata meaning Oracle Linux 6. The source time zone version if it has never been...

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Transportable Tablespaces - Characters Sets - Same same but different?

All credits go to Don Wolf, an Oracle Advanced Customer Support engineer from Ohio as he dug out this information :-) Thanks Don! Do database character sets have to match EXACTLY for Transportable Tablespaces? That sounds like a simple question. When you look into our big slide deck the answer will be a straight "Yes". No doubts. Regardless if you would like to do Transportable Tablespaces or Full Transportable Export/Import your sources and your target's database character...

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DROP PLUGGABLE DATABASE - things you need to know

Directly after my DOAG (German Oracle User Group) Conference presentation about "How Single-/Multitenant will change a DBA's life" Martin Bach (Enkitec) approached me and told me about his experiences with the DROP PLUGGABLE DATABASE command and future recoverability. Martin discovered that once you issued the DROP PLUGGABLE DATABASE command you can't reuse a previously taken backup of this particular PDB anymore and recover the PDB into this existing CDB. I wasn't aware of...

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Differences between Automatic Statistics Gathering job and GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS

Recently a customer raised a question whether there are differences between the Automatic Statistics Gathering job and a manual creation of stats via the GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS procedure. The results in performance were quite interesting. Performance after an upgrade from Oracle Database to Oracle Database was not good when the automatic stats job got used. But performance changed significantly to the better when schema stats were created with the downside of...

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SuSE SLES 12 certified with Oracle Database

Puh ... I've got many mails over several months asking about the current status of certification of SuSE SLES12 for Oracle Database It took a while - and I believe it was not in our hands. But anyhow ... finally ... SuSE Enterprise Linux SLES12 is now certified with Oracle Database  See Release Notes for additional package requirements Minimum kernel version: 3.12.49-11-default Mininum PATCHLEVEL: 1 Additional Notes Edit CV_ASSUME_DISTID=SUSE11 parameter...

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Oracle Database certification on Microsoft Windows 10

The MOS Note: 1307195.1  about Certification Information for Oracle Database on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) got updated right before the 2015 Christmas holidays with the official certification information for Oracle Database 12c on Microsoft Windows 10. And it says: Windows 10 O/S Information:RAC is not certified. The earliest release certified on Windows 10 is --Mike  Previous related blog posts: Oracle Database and Microsoft Windows 10 - Aug 14, 2015 

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