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Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 - Slides are available

The workshops in Brussels and Utrecht were awesome with great audience - I enjoyed both events a lot. And thanks for your patience with my voice and the microphone issues we've had in Brussels before lunch. I promised the workshop slides - and here they are, ready for download: Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12.2 and the Cloud Please be aware: It's the first drop of the slides, not everything has been updated yet for Oracle Database 12.2, and of course there...

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New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

Good news - finally we publish a new version of our big upgrade/migrate/consolidate slide deck: Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c And don't be scared - we reached now the 600 slide count ;-) New topics included (and subject to more extension within the next weeks) are: Why you seriously can't wait for Oracle Database Unicode Migration with DMU Migrate into the Cloud  Single Tenant RMAN incremental backups speeding up Full Transportable Export/Import and...

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REPLAY and Slides for Webcast "Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c" for ISVs/Partners - Apr 2015

Thanks for attending today's webcast about "Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c - and why you should upgrade". Please access the slides via this link: Webcast Slides - Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c And for those who couldn't participate here's the replay of the 45 minute Webcast: REPLAY Webcast "Why Upgrade to Oracle 12c" Thanks :-)  --Mike 

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New Slide Decks Uploaded:
Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle 12c and
Parallel Multitenant Upgrade Internals

It's time for a few updates and slide uploads :-) And thanks again to all the great people in Madrid earlier this week. It was a fantastic day - I enjoyed it a lot and wish you all successful upgrades and migrations :-) What's new?  A refreshed version of our huge Oracle Database 12c "Upgrade, Migrate & Consilidate" slide deck. Now with 530 slides - kudos to Tom Kyte who gave me a lot of food for thought after his excellent talk at the DB TECH SHOWCASE 2014 TOKYO. I had to add a...

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Slides for the OTN LAOUC 2014 Tour

Roy has done the OTN Tour 2014 in Brazil, Peru and Chile this week - and I will fly out on the weekend towards Argentina to present at the OTN Tour in Buenos Aires, and afterwards in Montevideo in Uruguay. In case you would like to download the slide decks (even though we would recommend to download the big slide deck) please find them in the Slides Download Center to the right. Hitchhiker's Guide to Upgrades Multitenant in the Real World Data Pump News 12c CU next week (if I can...

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New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

Oh ... it took a while ... but we've tried to include a bit of the new Oracle Database stuff into the slides. And we had to refresh them to the new template which looks nice but is a bit strange to handle ;-) So please find the new revised slide deck about: Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c ready for download. -Roy & Mike

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