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Converting an 12.1 non-CDB and plug it into an 12.2 CDB

2 customers requested a bit more explanation on how to:Convert and Plugin an Oracle 12.1 non-CDB database into an Oracle 12.2 container database Cool, I like that :-) I will do this right away and use the approach to Upgrade first, then Plugin afterwards. . Upgrading an Oracle database to Oracle First the preupgrade.jar must be executed - please download always the most recent version from MOS Note:884522.1 as the version we publish is usually newer including...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Single-/Multitenant | Read More

Install components in Multitenant ALWAYS with catcon.pl

I did blog several times about how to remove an unwanted component from a database. But yesterday I came across this interesting scenario worth a blog post. . How to install a component afterwards in Single-/Multitenant? I haven't checked all the MOS Notes but I recognized that some MOS Notes explaining how to (re-)create a component such as JVM are not updated to deal with a Single and/or Multitenant environment as they simply call the scripts from SQL*Plus. But the key to...

Thursday, March 2, 2017 | Single-/Multitenant | Read More

DBMS_QOPATCH does not work in PDBs (right now)

Thanks to Murthy who commented on this blog post and Jeannette Holland (SimCorp) who opened an SR resulting in an ER. . DBMS_QOPATCH in Multitenant DBMS_QOPATCH will deliver useful information about installed patches only when executed within the CDB$ROOT. It has been designed this way for security reasons in Oracle Database 12.1 but I can easily see a need to check for installed patches within a PDB as well. . Testcase I "borrowed" this test case from Jeannette's SR: SQL> COLUMN...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 | Single-/Multitenant | Read More


In Oracle Database 12.2 (available in the Oracle DBaaS Cloud) there's a new functionality called "PDB LOCKDOWN PROFILES". Actually the parameter came already in undocumented and not functional in Oracle Database (see here). PDB Lockdown Profiles PDB Lockdown Profiles are meant as a granular way to restrict or enable access - mostly under the aspect of using the database in a highly shared environment but requiring security. The idea is to embed restrictions on-top of a...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 | Single-/Multitenant | Read More

SPFILE Parameter: max_pdbs - a must for Single Tenant

Sometimes my job has a aspect making me smile at the end of the day ;-) I sat together with Johannes Ahrends during a talk at the OUGN Conference on the boat from Oslo towards Kiel. And we were discussing afterwards why there's no official way to limit the number of PDBs which will be essential for customers wanting to go the Single Tenant track. I had my Hands-On environment up and we played a bit in the break recognizing that a constraint on CONTAINER$ won't be the correct...

Monday, November 14, 2016 | Single-/Multitenant | Read More

Gather Fixed Objects Stats in PDBs as well?

Yesterday I received an interesting customer question: "Do we have to gather fixed objects stats inside a PDB as well or only in the CDB$ROOT?" The customer told me he couldn't find anything in the documentation. Neither could I. And I did check also the usual suspects this morning "Best Practices for Gathering Statistics" - but it does not say anything about PDBs and CDBs. Therefore I did a short test: Create a PDB in my Oracle CDB:SQL> create pluggable database PDB3...

Friday, October 21, 2016 | Single-/Multitenant | Read More