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The OJVM Patching Saga - and how to solve it - Part IV

Related Posts on "The OJVM Patching Saga - and how to solve it": Part I - The OJVM Basics Part II - Important Notes and Information Part III - The Mitigation Patch Part IV - What you may have missed Part V - MOS Note explaining "Conditional Rolling Install"  What is missing with the "Mitigation Patch? Michael, the team lead from a large Oracle customer mailed me the other day. He wanted to disable Java on all their +600 databases by using the Mitigation Patch for OJVM. But he...

Thursday, February 9, 2017 | Patch Recommendation | Read More

Where is the Jan 2017 PSU for Oracle Database

Where is it? This question reached me a week ago: "Where is the January 2017 PSU for Oracle Database" "What's the deal?" was my first thought - just go and download it from MOS. Well, not really ... . Where to download Proactive Bundle Patches, Patch Set Updates and Patch Sets? My favorite note is: MOS Note:1454618.1 Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for PSU, SPU(CPU), BPs and Patchsets It gives me access to all the download links for the patch bundles I'm looking for. But...

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At the DOAG Conference in November in Nürnberg in November 2016 a customer asked me right after my talk about "Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2. - Live and Uncensored" why the DBA_REGISTRY_HISTORY does not get updated when he applies a Bundle Patch and follows all instructions including the "./datapatch -verbose" call. I was wondering as well and asked him to open an SR. Which he did. And he received the message from Support that it is not supposed to appear in Oracle 12c...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 | Patch Recommendation | Read More

October 2016 Proactive BP got replaced

Just received a message from Oracle Support this early morning as I did install the Proactive Bundle Patch from October 2016 into my Oracle Database environment saying: Dear Oracle Customer, You are receiving this email because our recordsindicate you downloaded the following patch: Patch number: 24448103 Release: DB Proactive Bundle Platform: Linux x86-64 This patch has been replaced and is now available for download. Please review section 1.1 of thefo...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 | Patch Recommendation | Read More

New preupgrd.sql is available - MOS 884522.1

A new preupgrd.sql got released this week via MOS Note:884522.1. Plus use this one for upgrades to Oracle Database instead of the deployed (or any other earlier version). Changes since initial release of Do not recommend pga_aggregate_limit for 12.1 databases fix miscalculation of upgrade parallel pdb count Updates to the memory sizing uploaded in build #12 Removed the 32-bit and 64-bit values in the manual display. Added a pga_aggregate_limit. Shared_pool_size has...

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