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  • April 17, 2017

Oracle Database Upgrade Blog is moving

Mike Dietrich
Master Product Manager

Dear Readers,

the "Upgrade Your Database - NOW!" blog exists now for almost 8 years and has become one of the most read blogs on Oracle's own blogging platform. The platform will be migrated from Apache Roller to Oracle Compendium within the upcoming weeks.

As part of this migration we decided that we'll move our Database Upgrade blog to another site offering more possibilities to present our mostly technical content in a convenient way and giving you easy access to slides, hands-on labs, videos and many more things we plan to do in the next months.

During the past weeks I migrated the content to the new page:


You may wonder about the name - it's identical with my Twitter handle MikeDietrichDE.

On https://MikeDietrichDE.com you'll find of course all the posts from the past years - and updates will happen only there from now on. I added automatic redirects to the existing content on blogs.oracle.com/UPGRADE  - and the new platform allows you to comment as well.

Thanks - and we hope to keep you as readers on https://MikeDietrichDE.com :-)


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