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Oracle Database 12.2

Non-CDB still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.

  I received a question from 3 different colleagues in the past week: "Does Oracle Database 12.2 still allow us to create non-CDB databases?" And as I get this question at every customer-facing workshop these days as well before being able to talk about Single/Multitenant - I think it is important to clarify it. . Is the non-CDB architecture still available and supported in Oracle Database 12.2? I did blog about it a while ago - but Google is not always your friend to direct you...

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Oracle Database 12.2 - Lifetime Support Policy updated

The Oracle Lifetime Support Policy brochure for tech products has been updated now as well in order to reflect the addition and availability of Oracle Database 12.2 on-premises: Lifetime Support Policy - Oracle technology products Please note that this table and the brochure never makes a distinction between patch sets and base releases. For instance, the line talking about Oracle 11.2 does not say that Oracle Database is out of any bug fixing support since Aug 27,...

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Oracle Database on-premises is now available, too

Yep - it's available ... Oracle Database on-premises is available for download now not only on Exadata and SuperCluster but on Linux x86-64, SPARC and Intel Solaris. For other platform plans please see MOS Note:742060.1. Oracle Software Delivery Cloud OTN Oracle Database 12c Release 2 ( - Standard Edition 2 and Enterprise Edition Linux x86-64 File 1  (3.2 GB)  See All Oracle Solaris (SPARC systems, 64-bit) File 1  (3.1 GB)  See All Oracle Solaris (x86 systems,...

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Client Certification for Oracle Database

I've received a question about client certification for Oracle Database the other day. And this reminded me on this very helpful MOS Note: MOS Note: 207303.1 Client / Server Interoperability Support Matrix for Different Oracle Versions  It spans the client interoperability back to the Oracle 9.2 days and is a very helpful resource. And don't forget that sometimes client software may need a patch as well. A customer I exchange emails with on a regular basis just upgraded...

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Oracle Database 12.2 for Exadata/SuperCluster available

Oracle Database on-premises for Exadata and SuperCluster is now available for download from Oracle eDelivery/SoftwareCloud. Connect to eDelivery and login: Search for: "Oracle Database" and mark "Oracle Database Enterprise Edition ..." . Click on "Select Platforms" and select "Linux x86-64", then hit "Continue": . Once you accepted the license agreement you'll be able to download the software: . Please be aware that the software can be installed on Oracle Exadata and...

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Release Dates Oracle Database on-prem - Extended Support Waiving for Oracle /

Yesterday night the most important MOS Note:742060.1 got updated with the planned release date for Oracle Database on-premises.  In addition the dates for Waived Extended Support for Oracle Database and got extended as well. Please see: MOS Note: 742060.1: Release Schedule of Current Database Releases In summary: Oracle Database for Exadata and SuperCluster is supposed to be released soon. Oracle Database for Intel Linux x86 and Solaris pl...

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