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Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year 2017 to all of you! Thanks for visiting our blog quite often - we promise to keep that level of technical information in the new year as well. But let me review some things and give you an outlook for 2017. Flashback 2016 was an exciting year in terms of technology. Oracle moves strongly towards more and more cloud offerings - and Oracle Database 12.2 got released in the Oracle DBaaS Cloud as well. Roy and I did a good number of workshops internally with our...

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Lufthansa - 14th pilot strike in 2 years - lovely :-(

I don't blame anybody. Really, I don't.  But nevertheless this is awkward.  Source: Facebook - https://scontent.fmuc2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15193604_10210663792047910_5774221704440071551_n.jpg?oh=99f7242c9283bf664db779354d594b3b&oe=58B51EA1 I've got affected by the most recent - the 14th (!!!) in two years - strike of the Lufthansa pilots. And not for the first time. I've had my share of strike experience already quite often in the past years with my main airline carrier. Last...

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Silence for some weeks?

You may wonder why I haven't posted many things in the past weeks. Or why I haven't replied to your comments yet. The few posts were pre-written - and I took off for a few weeks and traveled on the West Coast of the US from San Francisco towards the north. So while I'm writing new content and answering your comments and building up a new hands-on lab for our upcoming workshops let me share some pictures with you - fully off-topic of course :-)  Plenty of clouds in Northern...

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Have an Excellent Start into 2016!!!

Roy and I and the entire Database Upgrade Team would like to wish you a very good start into 2016!!! And thanks for your confidence in our work in the past year(s). The Upgrade Your Database - NOW! Blog had over 440,000 hits in 2015 which is quite a surprise as neither Roy nor I do update the blog full time. But the many mails and comments we consistently get demonstrate your interest.  We will continue to report about things related to upgrades and migrations and performanceand...

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Best Albums in 2015

Yes, from time to time I write something fully off-topic. If you look for tech stuff please scroll down just a bit ;-) I love listen to music. Every day. Especially when I travel my two friends (Pono Player and B&O H6 Headphones) are always with me. And at home I have a decent stereo system in my man's cave. But this blog post is not meant about gear, it's meant about music released in 2015. When I look at "Best Record of the Year" in terms of popularity or sells I always get a...

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Some Seoul Impressions - 09/2015

A very intense week in Seoul, Korea, is over - and Roy and I both returned a bit sick ;-) The pleasures of traveling ... But thanks to all our colleagues who did all the orga work, to everybody who traveled from near and far to our 2 day internal workshop (and I still remember many names :-) - it was great fun to spend those two days with all of you) - and of course the the customers and partners we've had the pleasure either to visit or come to our workshop. Upgrade is in your...

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