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Flaws and Pitfalls

Speed up Upgrade Phase 65 with a new catuposb.sql

Credits to Chris Smids from Proximus in Belgium :-) Thanks, Chris!!! Upgrade to Oracle is slow in phase: #65 ? You are wondering why phase: #65 of the database upgrade to Oracle Database takes quite a while. You dig down into the catupgrd0.log and recognized this statement taking a while:  dbms_output.put_line('catuposb, update 4 - rows updated ' || rows_updated); END; -- end of update for system internally generated objs / The cause for this issue is buried in...

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Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle - A True Story

Recently I came across a really interesting customer case in the UK dealing with Incremental Statistics Collection issues in regards to an upgrade to Oracle Database This is the follow-up blog post to:  Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle - Upgrade Pitfalls (Apr 27. 2016)  https://blogs.oracle.com/UPGRADE/entry/incremental_statistics_collection_in_oracle2 A while back I blogged already about Incremental Statistics collection in Oracle Database ...

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RMAN Catalog Upgrade fails - ORA-02296 - error creating modify_ts_pdbinc_key_not_null

This issue got raised to my via a customer I know for quite a while - all credits go to Andy Kielhorn for digging down into that issue and solving it.  , Failed RMAN Catalog Upgrade from to The RMAN catalog upgrade: SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/dbmsrmansys.sql $ rman CATALOG rman/xxx@rman01 RMAN> UPGRADE CATALOG;  RMAN> UPGRADE CATALOG; failed with the following sequence of error messages:  error creating modify_ts_pdbinc_key_not_nullRMAN-00571: ==============================...

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Disable Transparent Hugepages on SLES11, RHEL6, RHEL7, OL6, OL7 and UEK2 Kernels

This blog post is not related to database upgrades and migrations. But still I think it is very useful for many customers operating on modern Linux systems. Recommendation  Support just published an ALERT strongly recommending to disable Transparent Hugepages on Linux systems. And the below information does not apply to RAC systems only but also to single instance environments. . Which Linux Distrubutions/Kernels are affected?  SLES11 RHEL6 and RHEL7 OL6 and OL7 UEK2 Kernels . What...

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GC Freelist Session Waits causing slowness and hangs

One of the best things in my job: I learn from you folks out there. Everyday.  Credits here go to Maciej Tokar who did explain the below topic to me via LinkedIn - thanks a lot, Maciej!  . Locks are not being closed fast enough, resulting in gc freelist waits You can find a reference for Global Cache Freelist in the Oracle Documentation. This issue here can or will lead to database being slow, up to complete hangs. Based on my research it looks as the issue is not related to RAC...

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