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Remove components from the Oracle kernel with chopt

I've had an interesting discussion today. Somebody removed OLAP with chopt - and got issues afterwards. My guess: chopt will only remove the binary option and is meant to be used before a database got created. But if you use it afterwards you'll have to make sure to remove the dictionary components as well.  A while back a blogged about chopt already: Removing Options from the Oracle Database kernel in 12c And there's a helpful Support Note out there: MOS Note: 948061.1How to...

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Full Transportable Export/Import - Things to Know

This blog post is an addition to: Full Transportable Export/Import - Migration an database to Oracle Database 12c - into the Oracle Cloud Seth Miller commented the pitfall of having a serious issue during the Data Pump run, Data Pump exiting and not finishing, and you'll have to do the entire backup/restore/incremental-roll-foward thing again. Without any doubt, this is no fun at all.  So let me point out a few things to take into consideration - and some of them are...

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Minor Upgrade? Going from to

My Belgium friend Phillipe Fierens raised a great question on Twitter last week and dropped me an email again after having a discussion with his client: For Phillipe and myself the answer is pretty clear and straight forward: There is no minor upgrade anymore since every (patch set) release is a full release and since new parameters, parameter values, features and whatever appears even in patch sets.  But the following discussion on Twitter with comments from all sides made me...

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EM 13c - How to Upgrade from EM Cloud Control 12c

I'm not a Cloud Control expert but I use the tool from time to time - and most of my customers are heavy users of it, especially in larger deployments. If you use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (, or and would like to evaluate your options to upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c then please consult the following very useful documentation: MOS Note:2095192.1EM 13c: Checklist for Upgrading Enterprise Manager Cloud...

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DMU - Tips and Tricks - Migration Assistant for Unicode

Please find previous posts about the Data Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) here: We included the DMU into our slide deck a while ago: Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c. DMU 2.1 is available (June 2, 2015) https://blogs.oracle.com/UPGRADE/entry/migrating_to_unicode_get_dmu . Since Roy and I subscribed to the Hot Topics support email we'll find a very helpful note none of us was aware of almost every second day. One of these recent finds is: MOS...

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