Thursday Apr 19, 2012

Solaris 11 Adoption survey

We have recently kicked off a Oracle Solaris 11 Adoption initiative, as we are seeing customers beginning to show more excitement and uptake newer Solaris technologies that we'd been working on and released in November 2011.  We would love to hear directly from you on what your early successes have been, perhaps you'd even be interested in being a public or anonymous reference? Or perhaps you've ran into inhibitors, if any, with adopting Oracle Solaris 11; we'd love to hear about those scenarios, too. This would help us get an idea of where we might have to apply a bit more focus.  

If you have ~3 or 4 minutes, please do provide your direct input & feedback by taking this brief Oracle Solaris 11 Deployment survey. Your input and candor are appreciated.

Thursday Oct 27, 2011

Come join us as we launch Solaris 11 in New York!

We are gearing up to launch Oracle Solaris 11.  Here is a formal invitation to join us at a live event for this 6+ years-in-the-making occasion.
Join Oracle executives Mark Hurd and John Fowler along with Oracle Solaris engineering personnel at the Oracle Solaris 11 launch event in New York, Gotham Hall on Broadway, November 9th and learn how you can build your infrastructure with Oracle Solaris 11 to:

   * Accelerate internal, public, and hybrid cloud applications
   * Optimize application deployment with built-in virtualization
   * Achieve top performance and cost advantages with Oracle Solaris 11–based engineered systems

The launch event will also feature exclusive content for our in-person audience including a session led by Markus Flierl,  VP of Core Solaris development and his engineering leads on Solaris 11 and a customer insights panel during lunch. We will also have a technology showcase featuring our latest systems and Solaris technologies. The Solaris executive team will also be there throughout the day to answer questions and give insights into future developments in Solaris. Come meet the folks behind the scenes and spend the day with us as we illustrate how the upcoming release of Solaris is ready to address tomorrow's business problems.

Following Executive Staff from Solaris organization will be available for customer conversations:

John Fowler, Markus Flierl, Bill Nesheim, Chris Armes, Lynn Rohrer, Charlie Boyle, Scott Tracy, Marshall Choy

Following Solaris Engineers will be on-hand and available for customer conversations:

Liane Praza, Bart Smaalders, Daniel Price, Nicolas Droux, David Comay, Leonid Grossman, Mark Maybee, David Brean, Ethan Quach, Jan Setje-Eijers, Rafael Vanoni, Darren Moffat

Following Solaris Product Managers will be on-hand and available for customer conversations:

Joost Pronk, Glynn Foster, Alex Barclay, Dominic Kay, Larry Wake, Isaac Rozenfeld

Don't miss the Oracle Solaris 11 launch in New York on November 9.

Thursday Sep 15, 2011


The Oracle Solaris 11 Express ecosystem has received quite a bit of innovation, arguably more so then some of what we've been able to bake into some latest Solaris 10 update releases.   For example, today we've posted Solaris 10 8/11 release. Read more on that here.  You'll see how Oracle Solaris is: 

  • #1 Enterprise OS

  • #1 platform for Oracle Database deployment

  • #1 application portfolio: over 11, 000 third-party applications

  • The only enterprise UNIX supported on both x86 and SPARC, the two most popular enterprise architectures

  • #1 UNIX volume leader for more than a decade

Fundamentally, the activities reflect on work we've been doing over the past 6+ years, spanning a multitude of Solaris engineering groups and vendor relationships - ranging from i/o subsystem optimizations, enhancements to network performance, scalability, virtualization, x86/SPARC work, growing work with traditional Oracle software portfolio teams, etc.  One of the areas seeing fueled investment has been the area of an improved lifecycle management experience, comprised of simplified installation and upgrading.   Today we've launched a new section in the "Spotlight on Oracle Solaris" pages over on Oracle Technology Network, specifically focusing on the modernized Installation experience, where you can get more information such as how-to documentation, a number of podcasts, engineering interviews, videos, techcasts -- to get a better understanding what you, as a customer, will benefit from when deploying Oracle Solaris in a datacenter near you.  Just this week I'd been in 2 separate meetings with 2 banks who have openly confirmed their appreciation for what Solaris has meant (and continues to mean) to them, and how they value unique tracing, performance and above all - stability.  And you know banks -- they have pretty rigid requirements and use-cases. Anyone who suggests Oracle Solaris has "no value and is dead" couldn't be more further from the truth.


Isaac Rozenfeld is a Product Manager for Oracle Solaris; current responsibilities include the portfolio of networking and installation technologies in Solaris, with a focus on easing the overall application deployment experience

You can follow Isaac on Twitter @izfromsun


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