Sunday Oct 13, 2013

Oracle Fusion Applications Simplified UI Translated (NLS) Versions Release 7

Oracle Fusion Applications 11G Release 7 has been released. The translated versions now available (with language and and region codes) are as follows:

1. Arabic (ar / AR) 

2. Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN / ZHS) 

3. Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW / ZHT) 

4. Czech (cs / CS) 

5. Danish (da / DK)

6. Dutch (nl / NL) 

7. Finnish (fi / SF) 

8. French (fr / F) 

9. French (Canadian) (fr_CA / FRC) 

10. German (de / D) 

11. Hebrew (iw / IW) 

12. Hungarian (hu / HU) 

13. Italian (it / I) 

14. Japanese (ja / JA) 

15. Korean (ko / KO) 

16. Norwegian (no / N) 

17. Polish (pl / PL) 

18. Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR / PTB) 

19. Russian (ru / RU) 

20. Spanish (es / E) 

21. Swedish (sv / S) 

22. Turkish (tr / TR) 

For more information on the NLS versions, check out the Oracle Fusion Applications NLS Release Notes, 11g Release 7 (11.1.7) (Doc ID 1582373.1) on My Oracle Support.

Release 7 is the release that contains the Simplified UI and a lot more too

Wednesday Nov 07, 2012

Fujitsu Raku-Raku SmartPhone: Japanese Digital Seniors UX Insight from @debralilley

Super blog posting on the super-important subject of digital inclusion by Oracle partner Fujitsu appstech maven and Oracle Applications User Experience FXA-er and ACE Director Debra Lilley (@debralilley).

Debra tells us how Fujitsu is enabling digital inclusion for older mobile users in Japan with their  Raku-Raku (らくらくホン) smart phone: Fujitsu Raku-Raku - My UX Homework (Raku-Raku means easy or comfortable in Japanese). There are UX mobile, social media, and methodology takeaways for us in Debra's blog.

Fujitsu Raku-Raku Smartphone Demo 

I encourage you to read what Debra found out. She also makes reference to a tailored social media experience for those digital seniors (デジタルシニア) as they'd be called in Japan (UK and Ireland uses the term silver surfers). You can find that online community website here.

Raku-Raku community Japanese Raku-Raku community English
Online Community Site for Fujitsu Raku-Raku Smartphone Digital Seniors (English translation via Google Translate)

It's an important reminder that UX is global sure, but also that worldwide accessibility and digital inclusion are priority components for UX. It's vital that we understand  broad societal aspects of technology adoption and how the requirements of different categories of technology users can be met in the enterprise too.

Oracle is committed to providing the best possible user experience for enterprise users of all ages and abilities. That means talking with all sorts of users worldwide and understanding how and why they want to use our technology and what their context of use is. Such users are now heavily influenced by the ICT usability experience in their personal lives too. You can read more about Oracle's accessibility program on our corporate website.

Proud to say I prompted a few questions in Japan all the way from Ireland. So, UX is not only global but you can drive UX research globally too without ever leaving home!

Brilliant job, Debra. Here's to more such joint research creativity and UX collaboration worldwide between us. Wondering where we might go next? And what a fun way to do things too.

Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

Oracle Worldwide Product Translation Group and Applications User Experience Working Together

The Applications User Experience (UX) Mobile team has been extending its ethnographic research to even more countries. Recently, the team conducted research in Sweden, and I am pleased to say I made the connection for the UX team with the Oracle's Worldwide Product Translation Group (WPTG) local (that is, in-country) language specialists.

It struck me that WPTG's local market knowledge and insight that we heard about at an Oracle Usability Advisory Board meeting in the UK in 2011 would be very valuable to the UX efforts while, at the same time, UX could afford WPTG an opportunity to understand our design and development direction so that linguistic resources (terminology, style guides, translatability guidelines, and so on) for any translation of our mobile solutions could be prepared in advance.

Brent White taking notes as research participant Capri Norrman uses an iPad in work in Stockholm. TITLE=

Brent White of the Mobile UX team takes notes as ethnography participant Capri Norrman uses mobile technology to work in Stockholm.
Pic credit: Oracle Applications UX. The UX team acknowledges Capri's kind permission to use this image.

I'm told by Brent White of the Mobile UX team that the co-operation was a big success.  A WPTG Swedish language specialist joined a couple of ethnographic sessions, taking great notes and turning them around very fast for the UX team. And of course, a great local insight into Swedish culture and ways of working was provided too, along with some very convivial socializing! 

More research in more countries is planned. Watch out for future blog posts and other communications about this super worldwide co-operation.


Oracle Applications Cloud global user experience (UX): Culture, localization, internationalization, language, personalization, more. A globally-savvy UX making it all fit together for Oracle's worldwide partners and customers.

Audience: Enterprise applications translation and localization topics for the user experience professional (designers, engineers, developers, researchers)!

Ultan Ó Broin. Director, Global Applications User Experience, Oracle Corporation. On Twitter: @localization



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