Thursday Feb 19, 2009

WSRP 2.0 FCS binary

The WSRP 2.0 FCS binary is now available for download from the OpenPortal WSRP project download page and has implemented all the WSRP 2.0 mandatory and most of the optional features. This project binary is being shipped into the below release vehicles apart from the above standalone install which the project provides as a wsrp-configurator.jar

2. Liferay version 5.2 and higher.

The source code for the above is tagged as "liferay-5.2-snapshot" - In case you need the code for some debugging.

On the trunk work continues on the 2.1 release -- Which is a maintenance release. Please use the project mail list for any questions and comments.

Monday Feb 16, 2009

OpenPortal WSRP as a Liferay Plugin

There has been quite a few queries on Liferay OpenPortal WSRP integration, Here are some notes in addition to the below blog entries.

  1. OpenPortal WSRP is now moved to liferay plugins under wsrp-portlet directory - Yes this is the case even in Liferay 5.2 and in all future versions.
  2. The WSRP Administrative interface ( Producer and Consumer admin  portlets ) will appear in the "Control Panel" if the WSRP Portlet plugin is deployed successfully.
  3. The OpenPortal WSRP has dependency on the Metro stack, Hence deploying it on application servers other than glassfish or tomcat may conflict with the applications servers webservices stack. The above plugin is tested and recommended to be deployed over glassfish or tomcat liferay distribution.
  4. Make sure that you set portlet.container.impl=sun in as mentioned in the above blog.

Monday Dec 29, 2008

Setting up a WSRP 2.0 Producer in Liferay or Websynergy

Here is a note on how to setup a WSRP Producer on Liferay or Websynergy instance. The OpenPortal WSRP Producer version 2.0 is integrated into the liferay trunk, the next major release of Liferay i.e version 5.2 will have both the OpenPortal WSRP Producer and Consumer integrated into it.

If you are looking for some notes on how to use the OpenPortal WSRP Consumer in liferay. Please refer to this earlier blog "Liferay consumes OpenPortal WSRP".

A. Setting the portal properties :

If you are using a liferay build/binary, before we start make sure that your has portlet container set to Sun Container.

Here is the snippet.


Note : The above configuration is not required on the websynergy binary/setup, Websynergy bundle by default sets the container to Sun.

Make sure you restart the server after this configuration.

B. Deploy a Portlet:

Now deploy any portlet, say a simple sample portlet like the the "Bookmark Portlet" binary readily available for download from the Portlet repository project.

Make sure this portlet works fine by adding to the user page before we proceed.

Note : You can deploy the above portlet either using the "Plugin Installer" or by copying to the hot deploy directory.

C. WSRP Producer administrative portlet:

The administrative functionality for the WSRP Producer are provided by a portlet called the "WSRP Producer", The same portlet is available or integrated into the "Control Panel" of the Liferay Portal.

Login as administrator and choose to use this portlet or choose the control panel --> WSRP Producer option to get the administrative GUI.

D. Creating a WSRP Producer :

Follow instructions below to create a WSRP Producer using the above GUI.

  1. Click on "Add Producer" button.
  2. Enter a name for the Producer.
  3. Choose your options
    1. Say 2.0 (To create a 2.0 WSRP Producer).
    2. Registration Required and Inband supported.
    3. More details on these options here.
  4. The newly created producer is disabled by default.
  5. To enable this producer, edit the producer by clicking on newly created producer.
  6. The "Bookmark Portlet" which we deployed should be available in "Unpublished" portlets list.
  7. Move this portlet from "Unpublished" to "Published" list.
  8. Save the configuration, by clicking on "save" button.
  9. The producer would still be disabled.
  10. Edit the producer again and change the status to "Enabled"
  11. Save the configuration.

The WSDL URL for this producer is automatically generated, You can get the URL in the edit screen of the producer, share this WSDL URL with the consumers who wish to use this portlet on their portal.

You can create any number of producer instances on the the same portal and export different list of portlets for each producer. As you can see setting up a WSRP 2.0 producer in Liferay is just a matter of few clicks without any need for programming effort.

Stay tuned on the OpenPortal WSRP Project mailing list for more information w.r.t to this integration.

Monday Nov 03, 2008

OpenPortal WSRP 2.0 Beta

The OpenPortal WSRP 2.0 beta is now available part of Java Application Platform SDK Update 6. Its also available as a separate download from the project download page. Its recommended to use OpenPortal PortletContainer version 2.0_01 with this.

Also checkout the WSRP 2.0 Beta Article available as the part of Java Application Platform SDK Update 6.

Please uninstall previous versions before installing this release.

Note : If you are using a build from the OpenPortal WSRP trunk i.e you checkout, build and install a OpenPortal WSRP version, its recommended to continue so. Since this WSRP 2.0 beta release is from branch that was created a while back for the Java Application Platform SDK U6 release.

Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

OpenPortal WSRP 2.0 interoperability


We just completed the WSRP version 2.0 interoperability test cases with OpenPortal WSRP Project Consumer and IBM Producer.  Here are some screenshots and details about this interoperability test cases.

A. WSRP 2.0 Eventing Interoperability:

IBM interoperability server exports the following 2 portlets that communicate with each other using events:

  1. FlightBookingPortlet
  2. HotelBookingPortlet

Using the FlightBookingPortlet and booking a flight results in an event that is caught by the HotelBookingPortlet and blocks a hotel in the same city. Here is a screenshot of these portlets on the OpenPortal WSRP driver.



B. WSRP 2.0 Shared Render Interoperability:

IBM interoperability server exports the following 3 portlets that communicate with each other using shared or public render paramters:

  1. PublicParamCityInfo
  2. PublicParamCitySelect
  3. PublicParamCityWeather

Using the PublicParamCitySelect and selecting a city results in setting of a shared render parameter that is received by the PublicParamCityInfo and PublicParamCityWeather which display the city information and weather respectively. Here is a screenshot of these portlets on the OpenPortal WSRP driver.



C. WSRP 2.0 Resource Serving:

There is not special portlets for this, if you observe the above eventing and shared render parameter portlet, you could see the image that is being displayed by these portlets are fetched inband or using the getResource() method call on the portlet, which validates the getResource WSRP version 2.0 implementation on the OpenPortal WSRP Project

This interoperability tests all the major WSRP version 2.0 features, stay tuned for more information on the OpenPortal WSRP Project mailing lists.

Wednesday Mar 12, 2008

WSRP 2.0 Resource serving and Caching


Checkout the following announcements on the release of a new milestone binary from OpenPortal WSRP Project.

  1. Project Announcement : OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 3 now available   or
  2. Blog on PortalPost .


This new milestone 3 supports the following feature set

  1. WSRP 2.0 getResource
  2. WSRP 2.0 Caching
    1. Markup Caching
      1. Expiration Markup Caching
      2. Validation Markup Caching
    2. Resource Caching
      1. Expiration Resource Caching
      2. Validation Resource Caching
  3. Tomcat 5.5 support
  4. Migrated code to the latest WSRP 2.0 schema


Pls note that the previous milestones have already provided the following WSRP  version 2.0  feature sets.

  1. WSRP 2.0 Eventing.
  2. Shared/Public render parameters.


The above links also provides sample portlets and configuration instructions to try out these features. If you have questions on how to use the OpenPortal WSRP Project and other comments/suggestions/requests, consider joining the alias.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

WSRP Eventing and Shared Render parameter preview

Just a repost of the information on Portal Post w.r.t to WSRP version 2.0 milestone 2 binary. Here is the actual post  

The OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 2 binary is now available for download. The binary along with install instruction is available on the Open Portal WSRP download pageThis is the second milestone release from the OpenPortal WSRP Project that implements the OASIS WSRP version 2.0 specification. The main intent of this release is to preview the following optional features defined in the WSRP version 2.0 of OASIS specification.

  1. WSRP Eventing
  2. Shared/Public render parameters
Pls follow the instructions in coordination preview document on how to test and use these features that'll help you to understand the implementation.

Here are the links to the complete set of documents for this milestone.
  1. Install Instructions
  2. User Guide
  3. WSRP v2 Coordination samples
Stay tuned for more optional feature implementation in the future milestones of the OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 project. If you would like to keep track of future announcements and additions to the OpenPortal WSRP Project, please subscribe to the alias.

If you have questions on how to use the OpenPortal WSRP Project and other comments/suggestions/requests, we urge you to join the alias.

Please report any issues that you encounter while trying OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 2 to

Friday Feb 01, 2008

Manual instructions for WSRP on Tomcat

Check the following thread for the manual instructions of installing and configuring OpenPortal WSRP on Tomcat. The above instructions is validated against the following binaries.

  1. Tomcat version 5.5.25
  2. Metro version 1.1
  3. Portlet Container version 2.0 Beta 2 (2 Jan  2008 build)
  4. WSRP latest trunk binary.

Stay tuned to the OpenPortal WSRP aliases for more news related to automatic configuration soon. 

Tuesday Jan 08, 2008

WSRP 2.0 milestone 1 preview download

The OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 1 binary is now available for download, checkout the following announcement on the OpenPortal WSRP project

Here are the links to install and user guide.

 The above WSRP binary works over the latest OpenPortal Portlet Container 2.0 beta 2 binary, checkout the  following announcement with respect to OpenPortal Portlet Container binary. Here are some links to the Portlet Container documents

Stay tuned for future announcements on OpenPortal WSRP Project on other WSRP version 2.0 feature implementation, Please subscribe to

Friday Dec 14, 2007

WSRP version 2.0 implementation on OpenPortal WSRP project

The implementation of the WSRP version 2.0 is in full swing in the OpenPortal WSRP Project community. Here is the link to the project wiki page that tracks this project.
Apart form this the following documents are also available for review
  1. WSRP v2 FSD
  2. WSRP Consumer Admin Usecases
  3. Eventing Usecases
  4. Architecture changes for WSRP v2
  5. Project Plan
If you have comments or questions, pls join the project and post your queries or comments. Stay tuned for the milestone 1 drop which is expected in the next few weeks also for more features in the future drops.



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