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Using lightning from homedir on SPARC and x86 Solaris

Alan Hargreaves
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer

I make great use of lightning in my thunderbird installation.

At the moment I am in the process of migrating from my Sun Blade 2000 Sun Ray server to an x86 based one.

The problem is that I am running the lightning plugin from my automounted home directory and the lightning plugin has one shared library (libcalbasecomps.so) in it.

Now the thunderbird as installed in Solaris 11 actually comes with a compatible lightning installed so you can use that. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I try to run current thunderbird (at the time of writing 9.0.1).

For reference, you can get the lightning plugin for Solaris from http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/lightning/releases/1.1.1/contrib.

The obvious answer would have been to install it where I keep my thunderbird executables, but I couldn't quickly work out how to do that.

I already had the SPARC version installed. Apart from the Identifier number being different the only differences in lightning.xpi (after unzipping it) appear to be a platform line in install.rdf and the shared library.

What I did was to make a directory in my thunderbird install directory to house the architecture specific library on both the SPARC and x86 machine.

$ mkdir /rpool/thunderbird/arch

On each machine I got hold of the shared library and put a copy of it into this directory.

$ unzip lightning.xpi
$ cp components/libcalbasecomps.so /rpool/thunderbird/arch

The we head into the currently installed plugin in my home directory. Note the quotes. Shells have special meanings for braces.

$ cd '.thunderbird/profilename/extensions/{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}/components'
$ rm libcalbasecomps.so
$ ln -s /rpool/thunderbird/arch/libcalbasecomps.so .

Almost there.

Now in the directory one up from the components directory there is a file called install.rdf. In this file there is the following line:


This needs to be commented out:

<!-- <em:targetPlatform>SunOS_sparc-sunc</em:targetPlatform> >

I now can run my thunderbird from either machine and continue to use lightning. I just need to follow this process whenever I upgrade thunderbird/lightning (Part of the reason for doing this blog).

As an aside, my /rpool/thunderbird and /rpool/firefox are each a zfs filesystem under rpool. Before I upgrade anything I make a zfs snapshot. That way if anything breaks, rolling back to a working version is trivial.

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