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OK, I got back from CEC on Saturday a week back and walked into the house at about 9:30 absolutely knackered. About 2pm my pager went off and I discovered that I was on VOSJEC duty that weekend and ended up with a righht horror of a call that lasted the rest of the weekend (that I won't go into detail here with, save to say that I got an action plan out to these ghuys at about 00:30 on Monday morning.

Early Monday morning (ok I did get some sleep, this is real morning about 10-11), I got a call from Laurie Wong. Apparantly the DTrace speaker they had organised for the Developer Days couldn't make it and they really couldn't find anyone else. After some discussion with my boss, we agreed that I would go fly to Melbourne the next day to cover this and also cover Sydney on Wednesday.

Had an awful time actually using the system that we are supposed to use to book the flight, ended up taking me a bit over an hour and by that time the fare had risen 50% !!! Anyway got that all sorted and boy am I glad that I booked to get my self well ahead of when I spoke.

First off, I was using someone else's slides, so of course I had to work out what I was going to say to each one (I use flash cards to remind me of what I want to talk about so I'm not just reading the slides). Going through the slides I noticed that the information on the javascript provider was actually out of date. Indeed, you can actually download a firefox 3.0 alpha that has the new provider in there and looks pretty damned spiffy. So, I updated that stuff, then I discovered that there were actually two sections of the talk not present in the slides. This was the "tie it all together" bit and the summary. Well I didn't have the time to write a "tie it all together bit", so I removed that from the agenda slide and did up an "in conclusion" slide.

The other part of being glad I booked an earlier flight is that even though we boarded close to time, we were about an hour late getting off the runway! I got in to Melbourne at about midday. Fortunately we were able to put another speaker in front of me so I could finish writing the talk which I ended up giving at 4pm.

Anyway, the talk covered some background on DTrace (and the slide author provided some really nice graphics and animations), and discussion of various providers. In particular I talked about PHP, javascript, and postgresQL. I did demos for some of the basic DTrace, javascript and postgreSQL.

I Also touched on the shell provider I'm working on and encouraged folks to get involved with working on and testing new providers.

Amazingly, without having timed this or even thought about the length, I managed to finish exactly on time.

Laurie took me into the QANTAS lounge where we were able to relax a little before the flight home. With the flight and the train trip I got home about midnight.

The next day was in Sydney, so I only needed to take the train into the city.

After finding the venue (google maps on a treo 750 is really useful!), I sat in on a couple of the other talks and quite enjoyed those. In Sydney my talk was at 3:15 and again went pretty well.

Headed home after being treated to a really nice dinner at Doyle's on the Harbour.

Unfortunately I had a prior commitment on Friday so I couldn't give the talk in Canberra.

These were probably the largest audiences that I have ever presented to (combining both talks I spoke to about 580 people). I actually enjoyed it and I think my audience had a bit of fun as well. It's nice to do this kind of thing every so often.

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