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New Brew laid down

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Mid last week I noticed that I had a grand total of four bottles of the last brew left. eeek.

Decided to try something slightly different this time.

I'm sticking with the idea of using two 1.7kg premixes instead of one and 1kg sugar. This time, instead of adding some malt, I added 500g of honey. I simply placed the jar into hot water and once it had warmed just poured it in after the mixes and water.

I also tried to use the remaining yeast from two of the remaining bottles. Unfortunately by Saturday morning, I still wasn't seeing much in the way of fermentation.

I ducked over the road to see another fellow home-brewer to see if he had any yeast that I could use (to save myself a drive up to my nearest home-brew shop). I was fortunate enough that he was just about to start cleaning out his barel from his most recent brew. As a result I got just under a litre of the "sludge" at the bottom of his barrel. Put that in and it's going great guns.

Should be ready to bottle in the next few days.

Note to self: Remember to bottle up some of the sludge from this brew to use in the next.

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