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    November 19, 2007

Making a Stomp Box

Alan Hargreaves
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer

I posted this over on my myspace blog, but I'm sufficiently please with myself that I thought I'd post it here too.

Well I've just finished the main work in making a new stomp box.

I did a google search and came up with the following instructions:

2 x 350mm x 70mm (x20mm) hardwood

2 x 310mm x 70mm (x20mm) hardwood } Gives you a total of 350mm x 3500mm square, 70mm high.

For the top: 350mm x 350mm 3ply (make sure all ply sheets are same thickness, first one they gave me was actually thinner because the top and bottom sheets of ply where as thin as a card).

Then i just used a round file to make a small circular groove for the mic lead to sit because if the stompbox isnt flush with the ground all the way around...ahh... block your ears! FEEDBACK.

Well the best I could do for the sides was 66mmx19mm marante. I had Bunnings cut up the pieces to the above dimensions for me, picked up some nails and glue. Unfortunately with Bunnings, you pay for the whole bit of wood they cut up. The marante was 1.8m long (so not really a lot left over there), but the 3-ply was actually a 450x900mm cut. All up, cost me about AUS$20.

I only screwed up on one thing with it, I put the 350mmx350mm piece on upside down, so now I have a nice hole to fill before I stain and varnish it. I also still have to make the cable hole for the mike, but I'm pretty happy with it.

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