Friday Oct 15, 2004

Jake is student of the week

I came home the other night to find that Jake had been awarded "student of the week" in his kindergarten class.

This means that at a school assembly, he was awarded a blue ribbon with his name on it and the reason for receiving it.

I'm working from memory, but I think the reason went something like ...

Jacob is working hard to talk more quietly.

Jake has a tendancy to speak quite loudly when he gets excited. It's good to see him working on it, maybe the person he is imitating here (me) should also spend a bit of time on it ;)

Saturday Sep 04, 2004

Lucy Logic

Well, looks like I get to work the weekend that is Fathers day here in Oz. This morning (Saturday), Lucy wanders into the bedroom all excited because she worked out the following sequence.

  • Fathers Day is not a School Day
  • Today is not a School Day
  • Therefore it must be Fathers Day!

How can you argue that kind of logic from a five year old!

Anyway, she gave me a small statue of a wizard and this cute little Genie Wish envelope from which I could draw two wishes. The envelope contained three slips of paper. Tonight she will read me a story and for the next two nights she will go to bed when she is told. :)

Jake got me this wonderful "Welcome to the Internet" coffee mug with a tile coaster. The coaster has a picture of a mouse on it. "Don't try to us eit daddy, it's not a real one".

I love my kids.

Tuesday Aug 31, 2004

Jake's soccer

Finally got some photos scanned. I'll just put two up here.

Jake playing soccer Individual photo

Thursday Aug 26, 2004

Kids update

Jake played his last game of soccor for the year last week and we got it on video. They ended up in a 2-2 draw against a team that beat them pretty soudnly earlier in the year. Jake gave us a bit of a scare near the end when we thought he had mistakenly kicked the ball the wrong way while an opponent was running up on it. As it turns out (and the video bears this out) he meant to put the ball over the backline as to do anything else would have risked losing it and possibly the game. He was awarded player of the match for "being tricky" and thinking on his feet.

Jake also got a literacy award from Kindergarten yesterday. For improvement in his writing and for writing a sentence in a straight line. Well done Jake!

Lucy has been off sick for a few days (as has her mum) with a pretty awful cough that they are both on antibiotics for. They are sounding a lot better today.

Monday Aug 02, 2004

Jake's Soccer and my weekend

I took Jake to soccer again this weekend. It was a ground I had never been to and I ended up going down the wrong road just before we got there, but we did make it. They took on Doyalson/Wyee.

There was a little confusion from the sidelines as both sides had a Jacob and a Jessie. The highlights... Sam did a magnificent header, well planned and directed during the first half. I think they scored one in the first half and one in the second. The second goal was a great team effort involving some good passing near the goals. Jake got to make a few throw ins. One in particular was very well done as he threw it down the line to exactly where his player was running to. They actually scored another goal, but the refereee must have been unsighted. It looked like the ball bounced off the back of the net back to the goalkeeper, and the ref only saw the ball in the keepers hands. Oh well, they still won 2-0

I took both Jake and Lucy to Sam's 6th birthday party at McDonalds later that afternoon and they had a great time there.

That evening the for of us joined our across-the-road neighbors for a really nice BBQ and drinks (well the adults had the drinks).

I've also got to add, that the Newcastle Knights Rugby League club finally got out of their eight week slump and put in a great win against the South Sydney Rabbitohs. That made Sunday night TV much more enjoyable. They are only one point out of the top eight now, so they could still be in the running for the finals series.

Tuesday Jul 20, 2004

Jake's Soccer on the weekend

OK I'm late putting this up (if anyone is reading it at all ;-).

On Saturday his team (Tuggerah United - Scorpions) took on Wyong. Unfortunately for Wyong, most of their under sixes didn't show up so they had to field the majority of the under fives who had just come off.

The result was predictable.


Wyong changed keepers during the first half and I must say that this little guy was really very good. He stopped it being a much larger score, and his kicks out to his players in the field were great.

While Jake didn't score any of these, he was instrumental in setting up quite a few of them with some great passing. Indeed, there were a few very good team goals.

The coach commented that we have the seeds of a really good team here if we can keep them together for next year (there are only around five or six games left in this season).

Saturday Jul 03, 2004

Jacob's Big Soccer game today

Today Jake's team (the Tuggerah Scorpions) took on Toukley.

Jake got to try out being goalkeeper for the first half. It as a new experience for him and he had some trouble drop kicking the ball, but by the end of the half he was getting the hang of being goalkeeper.

In the second half he got to play out on the field. We've been teaching him all about getting in and having a go; and if you lose the ball, get in and have another go. He got in and did that today and really picked up on his attacking. Indeed he was constantly beating players who were physically much bigger than him. Clever beats bigger.

His coach was impressed with how much he has improved in attack since he started and he got the encouragement award for exactly that.

Jake's friend Callum got the player of the match for "Putting his body on the line to protect the goals". Callum ended up on the ground between the ball and the goals at one point in defence on top of his usual great attacking game.

This team is really coming on well. One thing they do have to do is to remember to listen to what their coach is telling them as they do tend to go off on their own a bit.

They're into school holidays this week so there is no game next week; but they'll be back the following week.

This team is starting to show a lot of team spirit!

Oh yes, the result? ... 0-0 - a scoreless draw.

Friday Jul 02, 2004

School Holidays and what's going on with the kids

My goodness the term has flown. I didn't realise until this morning that my 5 year old twins start their mid year school holidays (two weeks) on Monday. I Managed to get agreement1 from my manager to take some time off so I am at home for the time that they are not visiting their grandparents.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to being able to spend some time with them. We've got a great little park with climbing frames, swings and somewhere to kick a ball around so we should have a good time.

Jake has to be at Soccer early tomorrow for his team photo. He just lost his second front tooth the other night, so this should be a good one :-). He is currently having awful trouble pronouncing some words. It looks like Lucy may not be far behind him in the tooth department either.

  1. I suspect that the shutdown in the U.S. may have had something to do with getting that agreement as we tend to have fewer calls coming in whenever the U.S. has a shutdown. Our shift covers 4pm to 12am Pacific time, so we generally get everything that happens late afternoon and early evening.

Tuesday Jun 22, 2004


Decided to work from home today as the kids were going on a school trip down to Sydney to visit the powerhouse museum and have a ride on the light rail and monorail; and needed to be at school well before the normal bus would get them there.

Got them on the bus; went to drive home to start work and had the gearstick come off in my hand.

Sigh, at least it happened in front of a Service station with a workshop in it. They'll have a look at it today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, I ended up walking down to the shopping centre, grabbing a coffee and catching a bus home.

I've still got to work out how to get in touch with my wife to tell her that I can't give her a ride home from the station today

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


Managed to get in touch with my wife, ... Apparantly I'm dead. :|

Monday Jun 21, 2004

Wow, friends had a "little" boy

Just had an SMS on the way into work this morning. About 2 hours ago (6:10am Australia/NSW), one of my Uni and IRC friends from waaaayyyy back had a "little" boy; 11 lb 10 oz.

Welcome to the world Stephen William Eric.

Congratulations Leese and Ian.

Thursday Jun 17, 2004

Student of the week!

My little girl (5 y.o.) was awarded student of the week for her kindergarten class yesterday. She managed to tell her big brothers but not mummy or daddy. Mummy found the ribbon on the floor this morning after Lucy went to school.

Written on the ribbon was the following:

Lucy is a joy to have in class. She is a quiet worker.

Go Lucy!

Saturday Jun 05, 2004

My boy won player of the match!

My little boy (Jacob) started playing soccer this year. He's one of the the youngest kids in the under sixes as he turned five in December.

His team went down today (3-1), but it looked to be the best game that they have played this year. They were all helping each other out, spreading out (instead of bunching) and kicking away from the goal instead of dribbling it; just like they were told at training last night.

Before he went out onto the pitch today his step brothers (in their 20s) told him to go out there and chase the ball and not stand too far back on the other side's goal kicks.

Well, ... he went out there and did just that. His coach commented to me during the game that she thought he was playing really well.

One funny incident that happened during the first half. He was in defence and happened to be looking the wrong way. The ball from the throw in bounced off his head while he was turning around and went straight to his goalkeeper, to the cheers of all. When told what a great header it was when he was next substitued, he replied "that wasn't a header, that was a hurter!"

Anyway, at the end of the game this team gives out an encouragement award and a player of the match award. I couldn't believe it! His coach said that he really deserved to be player of the match today. I was so proud of my little boy. He gets to keep the player of the match trophy for a week and got a certificate with some freebies on it; including a cheeseburger meal at McDonalds which he has already redeemed and a pass to Taronga Zoo.

The encouragement award went to Josh who played a ripper in goals, so well that instead of changing keeper at half time, they left him in because this was a hard game and he was doing so well.

Mum & Dad get to wash the shirts this week :)

Well done Jake!!!


* - Solaris and Network Domain, Technical Support Centre

Alan is a kernel and performance engineer based in Australia who tends to have the nasty calls gravitate towards him


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