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Catching up - Monday at CEC

Alan Hargreaves
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer

I'm more behind than I wanted to be blogging my time here.

I started Monday nice and early with a Breakfast with Ian White. A lovely breakfast, I shared a table with Ian, Linda Park (VP for Services in APAC), Chris Gerhard, Cive King, and some others whose names escape me at this time of night the following day (sorry folks).

We then had a marathon general session which probably could have used a break as about I can recall about it was listening to Andy Bechtolsheim.

Lunch (boxed roll and some other bits and pieces), then breakout sessions for the afternoon.

The standout sessions for me were the Performance ones presented by my mate Bob Sneed and another by Jim Mauro. There was also an interesting session on how support services might use Second Life to do some delivery.

For a while it appeared that dinner on Monday night was going to be fend for yourself, but instead I went up to the unconference. There were probably only about 40-50 people attended this and I find that a shame as it was a damned good session, and they fed us hot dogs and beer.

The unconference consisted of two parts.

  • Ten selected to take folks of to various rooms to give a presentation, and
  • the remainder and any other volunteers to participate in speed-geeking

We had thirteen folks want to present in a room so a vote was held to determine who got rooms.

Speek Geeking is interesting.

The idea is that you get 10 people in front of aboard with butchers paper, and they get five minutes to give a presentation to the folks at the table in front of them. At the end of the five minutes the listeners move to the next table. Every listener is given a poker chip and at the end they give the chip to the speaker they enjoyed the most, and that speaker gets a prize.

Hal Stern spoke on "DRM is for morons", Bob Sneed did five minutes on capacity planning, Clive King did some basic SGRT, and I gave an impromptu five minutes on the development of a DTrace bourne shell provider. There were more speakers, but as I was a speaker I didn't get to hear these and the listed ones are the ones I can recall. I got a grand total of four chips, so wasn't even in the running. I think the winner got 27. As I said earlier this session was a lot of fun and it would ave been nice if it had been better attended.

A few of us including Bob Sneed, Rodney Lindner and myself hung around socializing for quite some time after the session finished, and I didn't get to bed until about 1am. I really can't remember what I did after we broke up and before I went to bed, maybe it will come back to me :)

More on Tuesday soon.

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