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I should have made this update earlier. I'll be careful about how specific I get here as I'm not sure how much I can or should make public.

I had a phone call from Gosford Police on the Wednesday following the incident. They had made some arrests and wanted me to go through what I lost with them.

On Thursday I went in to make a statement and recovered everything except a couple of cds and dvds that I had written myself and I couldn't remember what was on them (as well as some blanks).

Something I didn't comment on in the prior blog entry was that when I went back to the station to look for anything that may have been dropped, I heard some arguing further up the street followed by three people running up to the station, jumping onto the tracks and running off. On my way back to the car I was stopped by some people in another car asking if I had seen three kids running away. It turns out that on the train following mine, they had assaulted and robbed another poor guy.

The CCTV footage from both Narara and Gosford, as well as the hat that we had was instrumental in the police getting good photographs of these people and they were able to quickly find them and make three arrests. Watching the CCTV footage was an eye opener for how these people had actually done things.

Anyway, I must add to my thank you list the detectives at Gosford and the folks involved in getting them the CCTV footage in such a timely fashion that my gear had not been disposed of. I also need to thank Steve Lau for the offer of one of his spare Ferrari chargers and Jeff Bailey for actually couriering his spare one to my office on Tuesday so I could use my notebook on Wednesday.

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