Thursday Feb 25, 2010

Cars Online Part 5 - Order To Invoice

This is the Third entry in this trail that is GlassFish ESB (Open ESB) and presents the final stage of the Cars Online ordering process and discusses the functionality available within the Order to Invoice process. It will take you through the functionality provided and explain how this is implemented to provide a real-time response to a long running process. Now because the intention is to use this in a demonstration scenario the processes are all designed to run in minutes rather than in days.

We will also look at how this application is integrated with the Back In Black BPEL Monitor to provide the user / customer with a Business Skinned Order tracking functionality based on the in-build Open ESB / GlassFish ESB Monitoring tables and functionality.

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Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

Cars Online Part 4 - Customer Search With MDM

This is the Second entry in this trail that is GlassFish ESB (Open ESB) and will look at the Search For Customer functionality. We assume that the Cars Online application is used as a car sales application is part of a larger corporate implementation. The assumed company also has dealings with finance and insurance which has been built up by acquisition. Hence they will be using a MDM Solution to manage their disparate system.

Therefore we have implemented a simple Customer MDM solution using the OpenESB MDM implementation building a Customer orientated solution which we will integrate with using a BPEL Process.

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Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Cars Online Part 3 - Calculating Delivery Date

Up until this blog the trail has not been GlassFish ESB (Open ESB) specific but this entry will delve into the first of the Business Processes that have been written to back the functionality available within the Cars Online Application. As mentioned previously the Web pages are simply built using HTML / JavaScript / CSS / AJAX and are simply the User façade capable of running on any Web Server using AJAX to access the backing Servlets and hence the underlying Business Processes. Hence we can, if we choose, run this one multiple machines with multiple levels of Security.

The first of the Business Processes described, in this entry, is the Get Delivery Date. One of the key demonstration features of Cars Online was that we can generate a guaranteed Delivery Date based on the Car information selected and that this is dynamic based on previous orders.

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Friday Feb 05, 2010

Cars Online Part 2 - Common Object Model.

Following on from my introduction to Cars Online this blog entry will take you through the development of the Common Object Model used within the Cars application and explain why it was developed and how it is used. In addition I will look into the key advantages of using this strategy and how it can be used to simplify mappings within your BPEL Processes. Although their are many possible strategies for developing Common Object Models and the concept is, most definitely, not new the one used within Cars Online is based on a number of years experience and tuning and combines full flexibility with a slight amount of, in Relational Database Speak, de-normalisation.

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Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

Cars Online Part 1 - Introduction to the Simple web frontend

Whilst working closely with the UK Pre-Sales team building a new version of their Cars Online demo it seemed a good time to document some processes and strategy used within the team to build the new demo. This new version of the demo is built primarily on the GlassFish ESB 2.2 platform and will be designed to leverage existing interfaces but ultimately replace them, where appropriate, with pure GlassFish ESB implementation.

In essence this blog entry will be the first in a trail of entries based around the new Cars Online demonstration that takes the reader through the build and integrations and some of the design patterns used. I expect to show how the solution can interface with a number is different interfaces and hopefully we will also be able to show the same external implementations running on differing application servers.

Therefore this first entry will give an overview of the Cars Online Demonstration and introduce the radically updated web application which now conforms with the Look & Feel seen in the BPEL Monitor and an associated IEP backed BAM Application.

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