Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

Oracle Coherence A Netbeans Plug-in

Recently I have been working with the Oracle Coherence product and noticed that when using the, recommended, POF Serialization functionality I seem to be writing a lot of similar code. When using POF Serialization you need to implement the PortableObject interface and write a readExternal and a writeExternal method which deserialize and serialize the class properties respectively.

Now this can become a bit tedious so to improve my NetBeans development environment I decided to implement a some auto generation functionality to take away the need to manually create these methods. In addition to the generation of the POF methods I also implemented an alternative that generates an Inner Serializer class and its associated methods, as defined in Alek Soevic's book "Oracle Coherence 3.5", the final part of the plug-in is the ability to create and run Coherence cluster nodes from within NetBeans.  At the moment I have built this plugin within NetBeans 6.9, but it runs fine on 6.10, and it can be downloaded from the NetBean Plugin Portal.

The rest of this blog entry will describe the functionality provided and how to create and configure a Coherence instance within Netbeans.

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Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

Simple NetBeans Module to Search Jar File for Specified Class

The following blog entry will take you through the creation of a NetBean 6.1 (although the principal is the same for other versions) Plug-in Module that will allow you to search all Jar files in a specified directory structure for a given Class name or part there of. On completion of this short tutorial you will have created a new Toolbar button and Menu item that will open a Search tab within the editor window. This will allow you to enter the Class Name to search for and the starting directory. If you would simply like a copy of the NBM then it can be found on the NetBeans Plugin Portal at http://plugins.netbeans.org/PluginPortal/faces/PluginDetailPage.jsp?pluginid=15286.

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Wednesday Sep 17, 2008

Java CAPS Tip : NetBeans 6.1 JMS Monitoring based on the Management API

Following on from my blog entry "Building a JMS Browser Monitoring / Management Plug-in Module for NetBeans" I was asked if this was built using the Java CAPS Management API. The previous blog entry was actually built around the Java CAPS 6 stcqueueviewer API and as such did not have access to all the new functionality within the Management API. Therefore I decided to copy the existing project and modify the core JMS Implementation Classes to work with the Management API and will quickly document the key differences.
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Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

Java CAPS Tip : Building a JMS Browser Monitoring / Management Plug-in Module for NetBeans 6.1

This short Blog entry will take you through building a simple NetBeans Plug-in that can be used to browse the contents of a JMS Queue Manager. For the purpose of the Blog I will interface to the Java CAPS 6 Message Server although the example should be flexible enough to work with any Message Server assuming you have the appropriate interface.

The Module implemented within this blog will create a simple Java CAPS 6 JMS Servers node that will be integrated into the NetBeans Services tab in a similar way to the existing Servers node. The module will allow the user to specify and connect to multiple Sun-SeeBeyond JMS Servers and the associated configuration will be stored within the NetBeans <userdir>/config/JMSServer directory. Once connected to the appropriate Java CAPS 6 JMS Manager the user will be able to view all the Queues and Topics that are available within that Server and then for each Queue or Topic the Messages that are currently available.

This simple implement will provide the reader with the ability to build a JMS Monitoring / Management system that is integrated into the NetBeans framework.[Read More]

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