NFAS Westcotte July 2008 Shoot Review

Yet again the Westcott Archers have done themselves proud with an outstanding course of 20 3Ds covering woodland to open field and they even managed to get the weather to play ball. Pig of Shot

Starting with a pair of Crocs by a pond the day went off to a bouncing start, well the arrows did, this quickly moved onto a Baboons bum from on high (it may have been showing off but it paid the price) this being followed by a pair of Coyote with kills Subtly hidden behind the trees. Right Coyote first time round Left the second although for some reason the left one seemed an easier shot when I was shooting the right it didn't after lunch. Rolling out into the Sun we came to a classic Westcott shot through the window into a building that we quite a bit darker than the outside. So raccoon first and Rat (that was almost invisible) second. Having dispatched the Raccoon it was off to the the fox quite happily sitting under the tree watching the stream. Another fun shot only marred by the Volvo driver who tried to run us over as we crossed the road.

Moving on from this we came across a new shot, the Lion, as you approached it looked like an incredibly long shot, But upon reaching the red peg it was marginally shorter. Very deceptive because it was mounted off the ground with the base hidden by the overgrowth. This proved to be a more tricky shot than it should have been. Having dispatched the lion we were off into the field for a quick bit of venison hunting and then the "Swine Herd" (Left). This was a pig of a shot from the red having to hit the marked grey pig to be then allowed to shoot a piglet. If you were good this allowed additional point to be scored.

Moving back into the woods we were off on a turkey shoot although that makes it sounds easy the turkey was quite anorexic and hidden well by the contrast. Having bagged Christmas dinner (although really it needed fattening up first) it was time for a bit of Snake. Approaching this target you were thinking "not too bad" until you reached the red peg. Here we found out how devious the course layers could be. Now given an option of either hitting a tree or a target my arrows always choose the tree and there were certainly plenty of those.

Pig of a ShotMoving back out into the open it was time for the standing Deer down the side of the build. Yet another where the Westcott field layers used the power of optical illusion to its maximum. This was another of those long shots but for the longbow archer the overhanging tree proved to be in the path of the arrow (easier for the flat shooting compounds). Having nailed the deer it was back into the woods to chase down the walking bear, yet another bum shot, and then on up the roof of one of the buried building (slippery mud) to dispose of the mini bear and then try and get off the roof without sliding down the side. The final shot before lunch was the wood deer well positioned between the trees and another where the mind will play tricks. This one needed to be quickly dispatched because it was all between me and a well earned burger.

The BeesFollowing a rather large burger and well deserved cup of tea it was off to the Woodchuck (How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood) another shot from on high. Having chucked the woodchuck it was on the the Bee Hive, well this one certainly showed the workings of the course layers minds, a number of bees in amongst the paper flowers. Kill a small bee and you had the option to shoot the large one. This has to be the most entertaining shot on the the course although not difficult it was fun. Having been buzzing at this point it was off to the pre-historic Stegosauruses shot another of those subtly positioned shots but ably killed by my son. Having finished with "The Time That Land Forgot" the mountain lion awaited tricky, longer than it looked, through the trees to another anorexic animal. Again well positioned pegs mades this a rather entertaining shot. Keeping the Big Cat theme it was time for the Leopard again a long shot but with an interesting parallax effect by the trees, which spot is the kill Hmmmm, was "Barnes Wallised" by one member of our group from the red but finally put to rest by the rest by the others from one of the other pegs.

Disappearing WolfFinally we reach the "Pièce de résistance" the magically disappearing Grey Wolf. Now you see it now you don't ! As you walked from the Leopard to the Wolf it could be seen nestelling against a tree just another 3D shot we thought. But no as soon as you stood on the Red peg, with direct line of Sight, the Wolf Vanished. Move away and yes you could see it, back to the red and it has gone again. Once we were sure which tree to shoot, yes I mean which tree, it was a great shot and a good way to finish the round.

Having thoroughly enjoy the day it was back to the bar for a shandy and some friendly banter. Roll-on next year.

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