Company of 60 December 2008 Shoot Report

Co60Sunday the 7th December 2008 was a cold and frosty morning and required a good 5 minute of scraping and defrosting of the car before I could even think of leaving the drive. So one the car was defrosted and the heated seats were on max it was of to the Company of 60 (Co60) woods near Oxshott. Having arrived in the woods it was time to put on as many layers of clothing as possible (although this does impact on ones shooting ability) and then we were ready for the days shooting.

Following tradition the first order of the day was a Bacon Butty and a Hot cup of tea and then to check in. Following a quick practice and wondering why I was shoot high, the story of the day, it was off to the morning round-up and then to our first target. The walk through the woods was one of those inspiring winter mist covered mornings, not adequately shown by the picture below but their you go, crisp and cold enough to take your breath away. But enough of the waxing lyrical and onto the the key point of the this entry a report of the shoot.

Having wrapped up warm the sound of the horn started us off with the first of the 30 3D, what I assume was a beaver or such like, to say that this first target set the tone of the day was very accurate. Blanking the first target was not the way to start although shooting with a fleece was not good. Although the Co60 woods do not contain many bushes the course layers take full advantages of the prolific tree growth with many a shot through the trees and the branches needed to be avoided.

Misty WoodsIt's Cold

As per usual our Westcott party included a token Free Styler (Ruth) who was required to start her shots at the black peg although these were often closer to the target than the red pegs the shots were not quite as clear as the red peg shots and required a more accurate trajectory to get anywhere near the target.

Moving on from the first target I continued my run of bad luck by missing the next target with my red arrow which promptly exploded. This was the first of four Red arrows to do this and the rest of my red arrows I managed to de-fletch what a day. The positive side of this was that my son had a number of broken arrows he could put on the fire when we return to the tea hut for lunch.

The Co60 course layers added a number of long, apparently, simple shots that were still taxing in there simplicity (see the Boar below) often looking closer than they actually were. These were a pleasant change from the trickier, tree rich, short targets. One particularly interesting shot was the little owl buried between the trunks of a tree. When arriving at the red peg it was a case of what are we shooting and where is it. Eventually we spotted the little owl and took the shoot but even with a ricochet of the real tree I still had no luck.

Long Boar Little Owl
Long Boar Owl

Moving on after the traditional burger lunch were moved trough a number of interesting shoots ranging from fish (another exploding arrow) to a penguin which we all missed except my son. My shooting continued in the form it started and eventually we came to a deer with a sinus problem. Well the shot below says it all I missed the kill but at least I hit the target and this time did not go through. At least I can say I cleared its Sinus problem.

Well that cleared my Sinuses

Although I personally, and Ruth, did not have a good day score wise this was more than made up by the excellent course and shooting layed on by Co60 and I am looking forward to there next shoot. If you have never shot at the Co60 woods then I would highly recommended it.

The net result of the day was a Cub Gold for Ruth (Free Style) and a Cub Gold for my son (longbow) another good day for the Westcott crew.


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