JavaOne 2008

JavaOne 2008 is over. As usual, it was a great event, but with the stress and hard work leading up to the conference, it's a huge relief that it's all over. For my part, it was another extremely busy JavaOne, with two keynote demos, a technical session, a panel discussion, a BOF, as well as three presentations at CommunityOne the day before. If you add to that the prep time for these (keynote software setup and rehearsals, slide planning etc.) there was barely time for anything else, so despite my best intentions I didn't get to meet up with a lot of the out-of-towners visiting JavaOne that I had planned to. I only made it to three technical sessions - and in all three I learned something. Hopefully the rest of the sessions that I missed had the same high level of quality.

I was interviewed by the JavaOne paper on Wednesday; the online interview is here. If you read my blog you might find it interesting. However, in the paper version of the interview, something went horribly wrong... Some of the questions and answers attributed to me were from a previous interview! In particular, I'm found endorsing the Flex SDK, as well as talking about my "math background". Those parts were from the previous day's interview with Chet Haase!
If you're wondering why I'm referred to as a "Rock Star" in the interview, that's a JavaOne thing. The top 20 highest rated talks each year (as determined by the speaker survey forms collected for all talks) earn their speakers a lifetime "Rockstar" title at JavaOne. And speaking of Rockstars, I've got independent verification that I am one (wink, wink) since Ed Burns also interviewed me (and the other JavaPosse guys) for his Secrets of Rock Star Programmers book. The interview was conducted a year ago, but the book is out now. I've read some of the chapters already and really enjoyed it.

It's always exciting to be part of the keynote demos. It's a huge production with over 10,000 people in the keynote hall. A lot of work goes into it. There's a control room in the back, NASA ground-control style. Arun Gupta snapped a few pictures during rehearsals this year and posted them here. The 10th picture gives a sense of the size of the hall. On the left is a drawing one of my kids drew of how she imagined my keynote demo - it would be nice if we actually had chairs to sit on. I guess when you're a kid you wouldn't imagine standing up while doing things on a computer! Anyway, you can see the webcasts from the keynotes - they are all available here. In particular, you can see our Tic Tac Toe demo here (about 2:20 into it), and the JavaScript editing demo here (about 19:45 into it).

The Java Posse BOF was another highlight for me. We had a short appearance at CommunityOne, but with just 20 minutes we didn't quite get into the groove. Thursday night for our BOF however, and with beer, we had a great atmosphere. We had feared a really low turnout since our BOF was scheduled smack in the middle of the Smashmouth concert - but that turned out not to be a problem, either because it was cold outside, or because a lot of people hadn't heard of Smashmouth (think the movie soundtrack from Shrek), or perhaps because we have really loyal listeners! If so, thank you!! A contingent of Norwegian listeners came up and handed us a lot of Norwegian chocolate! I didn't catch your names - but thank you very much! My local gym also thanks you...

My brother (who also works at Sun and has his own blog) has been staying with us for the last month - first for the MySQL conference in April, then JavaOne. It's been great having him here. We tried to get him on the air in one of our podcasts, but he refused - so instead we embarassed him during our BOF with a dedicated slide and tribute! He headed back to Norway this morning; Trond, it's been great to have you here and welcome back.

I'm taking a few days off now to catch up on sleep and chores!


i have posted this Q at javaposse groub and seems to replay !!

it's :

how to get instant rails to work in vista after installing wamp ?
even after uninstalling wamp can't use apache .........
can i use thin server within instant rails , if yes how ?


if you have a time please answer me .....

thanks a lot , Tor


and i have a hope that Netbeans 7.0 becomes a native cocoa App for OS X .... and to use all the core libraries of leopard (tex , animations ,sound .....etc) .... because i am switching to Mac soon , GOD willing ........ i love OS X just like you :) ...

best wishes for yoy ....

Posted by ahmed ramadan on May 14, 2008 at 04:39 AM PDT #

Hi Ahmed,
sorry - I don't know anything about Windows. Try either the Instant Rails forums, or maybe the general Rails forum, or perhaps wamp (I don't even know what that is but I'm assuming it's some sort of Windows application.)

Regarding NetBeans 7.0 - I think I can confidently say it won't be a native Cocoa application. While I really like OSX, I wouldn't want to tie any applications to it since they wouldn't run anywhere else. That would lock out a huge market. It's the same reason I want the iPhone to run Java apps - while I love the iPhone I'd like apps to be runnable on other phones as well.

Besides, I don't really see any advantages to porting NetBeans to Cocoa... you can do text, animations and sound in Java as well. It wouldn't fundamentally change anything. The expensive performance parts in an IDE aren't the font rendering or gui parts anyway - it's all the source modelling for parsing, quickfixes etc.

Posted by Tor Norbye on May 14, 2008 at 02:11 PM PDT #

wamp is like XAMP but just for windows .....

i was trying to use apache with rails , and just saw a new solution
here (but not for windows):

they say it will make rails deployment alot easier and faster with apache 2.0

and here is a video about it :

if it's realy cool i hope we find it bundled with netbeans in the future ........ and to be ready for use !!!


about netbeans 7.0 :

the reason i said that because i see the world return more and more for native solutions ....

for example firefox 3.0 is now going in more OS specific way,
and firefox 4.0 will be more ..... they lately find that it's the
right way to more inegrate with every os .....

when you develop for with java the iphone there are lots of abilities and features that there is no other phone has ....

so, how to use the same code to use all these hardware and software .....

for the iphone the easiest way to develop for it , is with the native tools ...

and i read bruce Eckel said : "java write once , test every where ! " .....


about the core libraries this an example for what i mean :

will netbeans 7.0 require leopard ??

there is more important libraries than text that leopard has which tiger does not have it ..... although i thing that fonts are
the most important part in any os because most of the time we are reading , reading , reading ...... so we need to be interested
in reading even we are developers ..... to make better work ...

that's how "MATZ" the ruby creator thing :" I tried to make people enjoy programming " .

yes developers need to enjoy their job .....

i mean if a developer use leopard for example he wants to use all the OS features in the easiest and fastest way ....


i am sorry for long talking , but i feel you are my big brother
and i'm still at the beginning of the road ....

you after we (me and friends ) just learned java and some other languages we were looking for web designers as they are not important , the same for marketing people .......

the how our instructors thinking that developers alone make any thing success ... i think that's sun's problem .....

every one of the team need to be perfect , not just developers

that's why i love apple .... that's why it's growing like fire now ...

for few days i installed opensolaris 2008.05 then uninstalled it
, why :
- i can't find any GUI program to config my network connection IPs and DNS !!!!... i have to use the terminal !!!!!

- my ATI video card driver does not work properly why i couldn't i easly update in GUI mode .....!!!!!

- ntfs partitions not mounted !!!!! as old linux destors ... , no tool to see ZFS partitons while i am using windows !!!!!

- even no good help for how to use solaris terminal , because they assume , they assume , they assume !!!!!!

why i wast my time to make these basic things ...... i proposed to give opensolaris to my friends who are not IT people and not yet able to have a mac ...... because i thought that solaris will have one kind of executable file for installing not like the mess of linux ........


i Know , your are not SUN's CEO but every one in SUN is important as him , it's your rule to push your team to make
every thing perfect ,and to think that every one in the team is important .... every small one


i excuse , and well never write a story like this again , i know you havn't enough time ........ and thanks for response !!!

Posted by ahmed ramadan on May 15, 2008 at 12:08 AM PDT #

thank you for sharing your thoughts. JavaOne 2008 was Top event for all Java fans. thank you!

Posted by tobto on May 16, 2008 at 11:12 PM PDT #

I tried using the NB 6.1 for YUI coding .The code completion doesn't work as show.when I tried on the editor it works for detecting YAHOO as I type YA..
and similarly for widget and Editor but the configuration paramter that was shown in the screen cast does n't come in as drop down.Also the variable to which this widget is attached shows it as YAHOO.util.Element .So I am not able to get editor.render method.
The other widget(calendar) I tried worked .when I assigned to variable that variable is get the method drop down of those belonging to the calendar.but here again the configuration parameter during the constructor would n't work...

Posted by chinna on May 25, 2008 at 06:28 AM PDT #

Hi Chinna,
I wasn't using 6.1 for the demo; I was using a NetBeans daily build. However, all the stuff you saw has been backported to 6.1 and was released on the auto update center as part of 6.1 patch #1 - which was released just two days ago. So please use Tools | Plugins to get the update and see if it works for you. If not, please let me know.

Posted by Tor Norbye on May 25, 2008 at 07:16 AM PDT #

Hi Tor,
THanks for the reply.I didn't have do any updates .Since I download today and installed (Any way i tried installing couple of plugin like javascript lib manager).Also I tried getting from hudson the latest & ran it.In both cases the editor was identified as element .Also the tabview also it works the same way.As for as the configurations it would not work.But configuration did work for calendar.I can send you the screen shot if you have a mail id. I am 2.5.1 of YUI and tried both Vista / XP.The nb is NetBeans IDE 6.1 (Build 200804211638).

Posted by chinna on May 25, 2008 at 07:53 AM PDT #

THis again all on Ruby Version on NB

Posted by chinna on May 25, 2008 at 08:03 AM PDT #

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