Sunday Oct 29, 2006

Reflections on Life ...


At some point in the near future.. I'll be posting a synopsis/highlights of my latest adventures in life.. places that work and life has brought me, Conferences, Napa, MD, TX, etc.. etc..

Here are a few recent refelctions on Life .. as unpredictable as it can be :

The Unpredictable Nature of Life..

I've been swamp'd with work.. and life has recently thrown me some ultimate highs and lows.. coping with it all.. and maintaining a positive outlook and not letting life "distract" the holy grail.. to achieving life long happiness. Appreciating and focusing on the positives, while learning lessons from the pitfalls... and where possible, always keeping some pulse on reassessing our long-term goals and objectives is the key. Associating "purpose" with life.. that gives us focus on priorities.. and a sense of challenge and accomplishment.. is also a MUST.

Sometimes LIFE comes in and scrambles things.. midgame... putting you off balance. Other times.. it deals you a bad hand when you least expect it.. and you just need to play the hand you're dealt.. and do the best job you can, until you get the opening(s) again for a decision and acting to get where you want to be.. closer to those goals.

Expose yourself to maintain and grow Happiness into Love...

Exposing ourselves to one of the Ultimate fears (the UNKNOWNS) .. is always difficult.. but by opening your heart, and maintaining an "open mind" .. we can best grow the happiness within that is the ultimate "guage" in life. Inner Peace and Calm is important as a foundation for Happiness. It's not about the toys that we accumulate, but rather the culimation of happiness in life. Once we are happy with ourselves.. we can grow that happiness beyond ourselves.. sharing it with another.. to it's greatest form .. Love. Striving to achieve this.. and maintain it.. can be both among the most exposing and rewarding things that we can experience in life. In the event that cupid hits us and things change... be twice as happy that it happened in the first place, as you're sad that life keeps moving. Virtually anything is possible.. and sometimes love has a way of making things work out in the long run.. don't rush life, and don't give up HOPE..

No Risks, No Reward.... Don't Resist Changes if they move you closer to your Goals..

As with anything in life, you can't reap the ultimate rewards, unless you put some skin in the game and expose yourself. As much as we resist change in life, with no risks or change.. there will be no growth (no risk ~ no reward). Just as in pruning a tree .. to make room for new growth, ... OR by fertilizing and nurturing those areas that are in need.. we too need to take 1000 steps back from life occationally .. and refelct on it all... able to look at the "BIG" picture.. and not allowing ourselves to get LOST too deeply within the trees.. unable to see the forest.. which is so common in life. We need to be able to nurture ourselves and /or those around us, as well as make changes where/when appropriate. Realize that no one will hand you things in life.. instead, you must go after and sieze what you desire.

Don't be affraid to LIVE, Let down your guard.. and Confront Life.. Head On !

Don't be affraid to live for the moment and let down your guard, instead allowing the passion of life to expose you to the fruit of the moment.. At the same time, try to stay away from rash decisions (trying to not run on pure emotions if a major decision is at hand).. instead take those 10 steps back and reflect on the big picture.. take it all in and digest it. Don't always feel like you need to "run" from complicated scenarios ... assert yourself and confront life head on ! The more that you take care of up front.. the less you have to worry/stress about.

One balancing act that most of us.. MEN.. have a problem with .. is refraining from being guided strickly by LOGIC.. not allowing our Emotions to come through .. and in the process.. not "unwinding" that extra little bit.. to enjoy and "experience" life more.. not assuming or being complacent .. of the little pleasures around us. Women, however, seem to lean a little more in the other direction.. not engaging Logical deduction as much.. but MUCH MORE tuned into the more subtle aspects of life, relationships, communication, love, feelings/emotions.. sometimes running on "extra" emotions.. but that's ok with me.. as long as I don't get my BUT KICKED !! LOL :)

Appreciate your Emotions and Senses... The Simple Pleasures in Life...

Make sure you feel and appreciate the emotions in life.. both pleasure and pain are there for a reason.. keeping us out of trouble.. while also.. BEING ABLE TO FEEL and APPRECIATE.. the best that life has to offer us.. enjoying the pleasures that keep us happy and motivated .. and coming back for more !! It can ALWAYS be better.. and ALWAYS be worse !.. so be happy.
Enjoy the smallest pleasures that life has to offer (a smell.. a taste.. a job well done...a sunset.. a smile.. a hug...)... and appreciate the beauty of life as it abounds from every direction.. we just need to occationally remind ourselves that it's there in any situation.. there are always "good" aspects in any situation.

We are each the sum of our lives experiences.. the collective Decisions that we make (or don't make) and the Actions that we take (or dont take)... which carves our destiny.. resulting in "us" .. where we stand today... (although ACCEPTING the things that are outside our control is also a significant realization we need to make to sleep better at night). Do the best that you can.. and accept the rest.

Live, Love, Learn, Explore.. ENJOY Life ...

We need to savor and maintain the happiness that fuels our heart and soul... the Desire and Challenge, and sense of Accomplishment.. that we all need to thrive, flourish, and grow throughout life.. Start with a faith in yourself.. and grow that beyond yourself !!
Eat well, Sleep Well, Exercise, and keep your mind stimulated ;)

Live, Love, Learn.. and Explore life.. to it's fullest extent !!

YOU are going through Life.. right NOW.. so be IN THE GAME.. not just a casual OBSERVER !

More to come... so STAY TUNED ............

Todd .. :)
( Copyright 2006,2007, Todd A. Jobson )

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