Friday Jan 26, 2007

Deception.. my Reflections..

Take a close look.. Not everything in Life is as it Appears...


Deception, Trust, .. and Online Security ...

In this fast-paced, internet-based culture that we're all a part of, there are a few things that we all need to be aware of.   Among the long list.. items that we all need to be cognizant of, relates to online deception in all it's forms (MySpace/ Yahoo 360 Identity Fraud, Identity Theft, Security of our personal information, players, con-men/women, etc..). 

Unfortunately, an ever growing majority of those on-line are NOT honest.. trustworthy.. or even who they say they are.    MOST of these deceivers are fulfilling some inner need (conning others, living vicariously, boosting personal confidence, a fling.. a cheap thrill.. who knows).. most compelled to continue.. or addicted to the virtual recognition or relationships they hold (not honestly knowing the person on the other end of the wire).

While we need to protect our identities and personal information, we also need to work on being honest once we establish a friendship (granted.. we do need some level of keeping our guard up initially to protect ourselves.. take things slow.. don't be in a rush to give out too much about yourself.. be careful).

No matter what.. nearly every page online is backed by a person that can be hurt.. so I've written the following poem below to reflect on the impact of deception  :

Reflections on ....


The Players, the Liars, the Pathological pseudo-sympathizers..
they prey on the vulnerable,

the weak.. those sad and meek.

Those lonely, or alone,
feeling broken.. or trapped at home,

They're the ones they seek..
those helpless and weak.

Fakes and impostors,
posers with on-line rosters.

Perception, just a reflection..
a Relative Reality of a friendship defection.

.. but Truth and honesty is the exception,
when deception is my reflection...
..a window on a world where trust is an election.

A Disillusioned Delusion
of deceitful collusion..

.. on-line love.. is it real,
or just an illusion ?

For many... Exploitation is their Specialization,
their duality of sexuality..

.. a vacation for excitation.
Their lapse.. in realization

.. to others.. real hell under magnification.

Expectations and elation,
all relate to a perverted sensation.

Temptation or Emancipation,
just casual exploits of the internet generation.

To be used and discarded..
left mentally scarred and broken hearted..

our fellings shattered... hearts guarded..
to the abuser ... a victory, to the victim... abuse.

Elusive invaders,
"users" .. the Invasive persuaders

Some weekend offenders,
others weathered pretenders,
all on the loose.

Predators that pray
and prey that Surrenders,

they cast their veil by day
the lure, who remembers,
most free to run their course.

Lets hope Justice prevails
..criminals punished, some in jails,
infused with a sense of remorse.

But before we claim victory.. elated,
let's ask ourselves..
Is Jealousy and Deception.. anticipated ?

Could it just be ..

.. the "Invasion" of an Illusion.. ?
.. or simply, the "Illusion" of an Invasion ?

To me, they're all Reflections..

.. Deception .. Our perception of an expectation.

Todd A. Jobson    1/22/2007

Copyright   2006-2007  Todd A. Jobson

Be careful.. and choose your words wisely.. Broken Hearts and shattered dreams are just a keystroke away.


TRUE Friends are ones that won't run away on a moment's notice..
when the going gets tough.. (those are fair weather friends that we each
have encountered time and time again.. always looking to fulfill their own needs,
irrespective of the needs that others might have.. theirs always coming first).

Everyone hears what you say.. but TRUE Friends LISTEN to what you
are thinking about..and feel.. there for you during your darkest moments.

Caring and compassion is a key, but honesty and trust is a must.

True friends can share fears and hopes, tears and their deepest aspirations.

When all else in your life seems bleak or is gone .. you've lost hope and feel all alone..
True Friends will be there.

True Friends won't try to sway one another with Political or Religious debates.. or throw
a temper tantrum when they don't get their way. They will forgive and say their sorry..
they won't let bad days or mood swings get between them and those around them.

True friends will always care about more than just themselves.. shining when the clouds set in...

Few of us appreciate what we have.. until we loose it..

Think about the simple things in life that we have lost appreciation for.. and give thanks
to those around us just as they deserve.. reminding them of just how much they mean to us..
because here today.. could easily be .. gone tomorrow..
(Our Children, our spouses / significant others, parents/ family, friends, .. our health, our careers, our finances, our freedoms, the safety that we take for granted, the abundance of food / shelter, ..our lifestyle.. etc.. etc..)

It all underscores the topic at hand ... Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity.. all those Virtues and Values that each of us should uphold in any relationship, whether it's a friendship.. or something more.. we all need to Give Thanks !

Ask yourself... If I (or another friend) needed to reach out in a time of need... would you be there ? ?
.. and do I appreciate what those friends have done for me.. or do I just expect it ??..

.. am I only fulfilling MY needs ??.. or am I also recipricating and fulfilling the needs of those that have been there for me ??..

Balance in life is a must. To sustain what we have.. everything needs to be a 2 way street.. give thanks and don't take life .. (including those that care about you) for granted !!

Your Trustworthy blogger ..

Todd J.

Copyright :  Todd A. Jobson  2006-2007


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