What your HR peers actually think about technology

Fast tech progress is fantastic – isn’t it? For those in Silicon Valley, new products, rapid development, and swift growth are all key to success. But how do people in the business world love new technologies? Or do they think they’re frustrating and overhyped?

Every country, company, and team has a variety of opinions and feelings about technology – and Oracle wanted to find out what they were. So over 4,000 professionals were asked about six key technologies: artificial intelligence, blockchain, chatbots, autonomous databases, cloud security, and Internet of Things.

The results were insightful and revealing, no more so than in the HR team.

Cloud security wins

In every line of business, and every country, cloud security is the top technology for innovation – and the most implemented too. This wasn’t a surprise, as Gartner predicts the global public cloud services market will grow 21.4% this year, topping $186 billion. And more and more companies are moving systems into the cloud all the time.

HR professionals rated cloud security as the top technology that delivers, perhaps because it guards the most precious asset: employee data. But it seems they love autonomous databases just a little more – the most loved technology for HR professionals, probably due to their reliable, self-driving nature, which allows HRs to focus on other areas.

Bot or not

You might think HR teams would also love chatbots, but they were rated the most annoying of the technologies, equally-most overhyped, and lowest in delivery. And only 50% feel chatbots are important: the lowest rated tech by HR pros – even though 53% have already implemented.

We suspect some may have recognized the potential of chatbots, and rushed to deploy them, but most have yet to realize that potential. Whether guiding applicants through the interview process or answering employees’ FAQs about their remaining leave, or pay day, chatbots can improve communication while lightening the load for HR teams. For now, there’s still some way to go before HR teams embrace these pay-offs.

Artificial Intelligence

Currently, 70% of HR professionals recognize the importance of AI, but 10% fewer have implemented yet – the biggest tech gap for HR. AI can drive better, faster decision making, whether that’s creating shortlists of job candidates, processing thousands of quarterly reviews, or identifying and addressing gaps in training programs. And these opportunities to work smarter – and find new insights, fast – should prove very tempting to HR teams.

To see the full report on our research findings, and find out how people in other countries and companies really think about these technologies, click here

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