• July 11, 2018

What Autonomous Gives A Business

Jon Tutcher
Cloud & Core Technology Director, EMEA, Oracle Corp


Our customers’ stories are the best proof of the value an Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) can add. Through the power of AI, businesses are discovering they no longer need to put up with the inefficiencies and time-consuming maintenance of traditional data warehousing solutions. Read on to learn how ADWC provided the platform for two organisations to transform and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Hertz—driving transformation

Global car rental company, Hertz, with 10,000 premises worldwide, needed to move to a modern, flexible, and world class data warehouse solution to support business efficiency and growth.

‘Every time we wanted a new database to be set up, it took a week to get the approval’, explains Hertz’s Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics Benjamin Arnulf. ‘It then took another week to get the database installed, patched, tuned, and data loaded.’ Clearly, for a business operating at the scale of Hertz, their existing solution wasn’t offering the agility they needed.

So how did moving help? By switching to Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, Hertz were able to complete the two-week long launch process in mere minutes. ‘We created the instance in three minutes’, Benjamin says. ‘Three minutes to create the instance, five minutes to load the data, and then you can use the database. It’s so fast, and so easy to use.’

Hertz are now expecting to be able to launch and run multiple projects with no maintenance required, meaning DBAs’ time will be focused on innovation rather than patching and other manual tasks. Vendors can be paid quicker, cars can arrive faster, and savings can be re-invested into customer services. As Benjamin says, ‘it's going to be a game-changer for Hertz.’

Listen to Benjamin Arnulf explain more about the benefits of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.


DXM—pivoting to digital

DX Marketing Group—a mid-size insights company based in the US—were undergoing a transformation. Originally a fully print-based marketing firm, the company were changing their focus to data-driven targeting, deep level research and analytics.

The transition to a digital marketing company—particularly one with an intense focus on data—required a warehousing solution that is sophisticated, flexible, and in the case of DXM, accessible to those not technically minded. And that’s exactly what Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud delivered.

‘One of the things that we’re looking at building is a data management platform that non-technical people can actually build themselves’, DXM Chief Technology Officer Jerry Gearding said. ‘The Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud will help us roll out a data management platform that our data analysts and data scientists can build and use themselves without involving any IT resources.’

By deploying the Autonomous Data Warehouse, DXM now benefits from a system that’s not only intuitive, but has also been elastic enough to grow as they have acquired more customers. Another major plus is that ADWC’s advanced, realtime analytics all run in the database itself, meaning other systems aren’t creating network latency by constantly pulling data.


AI-powered transformation

It’s clear that no matter what type or size of business you run, traditional data warehousing lacks the flexibility, elasticity, and intelligence needed to enable you to transform your operations for the modern world. The next generation of data warehousing provides the freedom to pour time, money, and resources into the areas that really need it, giving you the ability to fulfil your full potential. 

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