• April 23, 2018

Seize the Freedom to Innovate with Industry 4.0

Ulf Koester
Solution Director Oracle Digital Transformation Solutions

Industry 4.0 is bringing big changes to how businesses communicate, operate, and innovate – whether they’re ready for it or not. By seizing the initiative and using industry 4.0 technology to optimise their product mix now, organisations can get ahead of the curve and take their place as leaders, instead of playing catch up later.

Industry 4.0 has arrived – but there’s no reason to be afraid. It’s the future of your business, and it’s going to give you the freedom to innovate across everything – from your product development cycle, to the ways you learn about your customers.

Like all major technological changes, Industry 4.0 gives businesses a choice: transform, or be transformed.

By understanding the opportunities Industry 4.0 represents for your business and leading change today, you can seize the freedom to innovate and proactively optimise your product mix, instead of having to play catch up once your competitors blaze the trail.

Deliver the perfect product mix with Industry 4.0

A great product mix is fuelled and informed by three key things:

  • Views, expertise, ideas and insights from people across your business and supply chain
  • Timely insights into customer demands and preferences
  • A product team that has the time and freedom to come up with innovative ideas and strategies

The good news? Innovative industry 4.0 technologies can help you gain and enhance all three, giving you complete freedom to innovate with confidence at every stage of your product lifecycle.


Smarter communication fuels stronger product strategies

The best and most innovative product ideas are created when people from across the business can share their thoughts and develop new concepts together.

Unified communications and collaboration platforms can help manufacturers break down the silos that naturally form in consumer product companies, and make it easier for people to communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

With a broader range of people involved at the idea generation and refinement stage, businesses can build a product strategy that really makes the most of the varied expertise and insight held by people at all levels of the company, and at all stages of the supply chain.


A common language for data helps everyone learn and understand more

It isn’t just bringing more opinions and insights together that’s going to help you build a better product mix. Standardised data and analytics platforms means anyone can learn from data pulled from across your business and customer base.

When your people are free to help themselves to timely data insights, everything they do is better informed. By putting insights in front of the right people at the right time, you can even help inspire innovative ideas as people from across the business share their unique interpretations of what those insights might mean for the company.


Automate the delivery and discovery of insights

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the biggest driving forces behind the fourth industrial revolution. By processing huge volumes of data and automatically delivering them to the right people and teams as actionable insights, both AI and ML play a vital role in building a stronger product mix.

With data constantly being gathered from customers, and from across your supply chain, AI and ML are the keys to ensuring you can act on information quickly and seize powerful opportunities for innovation before your competitors. Embracing industry 4.0 technologies is the key to getting ahead today, but utilising AI and ML across your business will help keep you there.


Free skilled people to do what they do best

Thanks to robotic process automation and sophisticated new platforms, large, routine parts of the product lifecycle can now be automated – so your people have more time to focus on innovation, strategy, and product mix optimisation.

Whether that’s admin teams completing data entry tasks, or senior product leads compiling reports and data from multiple sources, in an industry 4.0-ready company, skilled people aren’t bogged down with routine tasks – they have the freedom to innovate.


Deliver the right product mix, at the right time, in the right way

Want to find out more about how industry 4.0 technologies can help you deliver a product strategy that’s optimised for your customers and your business?

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