Safe Innovation: Putting the contradiction to work

Neil Cattermull
Director – Frontier Technologies

With tech innovation disrupting the norm globally on a bi-monthly basis, how can businesses remain secure, innovative and not be beholden to staff bias within their departments? This is a tough challenge for any IT Director/Manager, however there is a way to use this disruption to your advantage and it may not be the way you think!

When I was in a similar position some years ago (it was just when Virtualisation started to emerge), I had an internal battle to convince the naysayers that virtualisation was going to be the norm. Within a very short period of time, I had to present a concrete business case based around open source technologies and hardware maintenance contracts. At the time ALL the major HW vendors informed me that they would not guarantee their maintenance agreements if I rolled out hypervisors across the banks’ server estate.

I presented the case with educated pros and cons to the banks’ board and I received agreement and go ahead! Now over 10+ years later, both OpenSource and Virtualisation technologies are the mainstay when discussing IT Infrastructure.

Today, similar challenges are the new normal in regards to security. With more Data, IT Infrastructure and access to said items, there is also a massive responsibility of securing these environments. We are all now faced with 2 options - provide the security blanket yourself, or outsource it. The answer to this dilemma is, in my book, an easy one. Just as I made that leap for the bank in question 10+ years ago, I would make a similar leap now.

No one company can keep up to date with security advancements, no one company can have the resources internally to guarantee appropriate security principles when technology disruption occurs bi-monthly. But what every company can do is get the right advice at the appropriate time from firms that conduct analysis, testing and have the right experience.

My point is this: When considering technology change, validation, security, and cost - and the emphasis is mostly on security- most IT Teams with organisations struggle to keep up to date - period. Migrating to a multi layered security approach from outsourced cloud vendors is flexible and cost effective, with no need to hire teams of security personnel or Infrastructure personnel to manage said environments. In fact, taking into consideration the time, resources and overall cost of providing a multi layered security approach versus applying a cloud base solution, most security layers that can be applied today are agent-less, it just makes sense from all sides of a sensible discussion. Furthermore, if your provider of choice is a well-known brand, has longevity with working with security principles and IT infrastructure, you know you have a safe extra pair of hands that can guide you through that journey to online security and digital transformation.

Neil Cattermull – Independent Industry Analyst


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