• April 23, 2018

More Leads. More Opportunities. Less Work.

Kai Egierski
Digital Marketing Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Marketing automation has taken a massive amount of manual effort out of nurturing prospects and managing marketing communications. But, it’s not just about making communicating with leads simpler, less time-consuming and more cost-effective.

Automating your marketing operations can also help your business transform the way it generates and converts customers, delivering huge bottom-line results.

In a recent study conducted by VentureBeat, it found that 80 percent of marketing automation users saw an increase in leads – and that for 12 percent, that increase was greater than 50 percent.

Clearly, for those that can master marketing automation, big results and significant new opportunities await. But how exactly does marketing automation give businesses the freedom to transform lead generation and management?


How marketing automation gives you the freedom to transform

Marketing automation is so much more than just automated communications. By changing the way you approach and conduct routine lead generation tasks, it gives you the freedom to completely transform the way you manage your pipeline in a number of key ways.


Set hard and fast rules for lead scoring and profiling

An important part of establishing automated marketing processes is defining what a sales-ready lead looks like, and what makes a prospect strong and potentially valuable.

If marketing and sales teams have previously been operating by ‘feel’ or using a loose and undefined list of metrics to determine when someone might be ready to buy, this hard and fast definition can be hugely useful to their operations.

Having one definition of what makes a sales-ready lead means that marketing and sales can speak the same language, and only move prospects on when they are truly ready – by everyone’s standards.


More consistent and timely communications

Lead generation and management can be fickle. Hitting a prospect at the right time through the right channel can be the difference between a conversion, and a valuable lead falling out of your pipeline completely.

When communications are sent manually, that happens all the time. After all, even the best marketers and salespeople are only human.

The great thing about marketing automation? It isn’t.

With automated marketing and sales communications, you can always stay in touch and top of mind with right-time engagement – helping to stop prospects from falling out of the pipeline at critical moments.


Ask less of your prospects upfront, and get to know them better over time

We’ve all done it. You arrive at a landing page for a piece of content you’re interested in exploring, you’re met with a 10-field form seeking to capture every detail about you, and you close down the tab, never to return.

With marketing automation, it’s much easier to track prospects throughout their buying journeys and build up a deep understanding of their needs over time – instead of demanding everything upfront.

By making it easier and less intimidating to enter your pipeline at the point of first engagement, you’ll naturally encourage a lot more prospects to do so. And as an added bonus, they’ll even be more willing to share a greater amount of data over time, because they’re only asked one or two things at a time – and they don’t have to repeat to give you their email address or company name over and over again, because you only ask for information you’re missing.


More time to do what you do best

Sometimes, managing and converting valuable leads needs a hands-on approach – but that doesn’t mean that automation can’t help.

By taking care of the routine, day-to-day aspects of lead generation, your best people are free to spend more time putting their talents to use and adding real value for prospects.

Whether that means more face-to-face time with potential new customers, managing direct engagements, or digging into marketing analytics to uncover valuable new insights, it’s all valuable stuff that they simply don’t have enough time to do effectively today.


Simplify automation. Transform lead generation.

Marketing automation gives you the freedom to transform almost every aspect of generating and managing leads – but that doesn’t mean that getting started with it needs to be difficult.

Like all business transformations, marketing automation exists to make your life easier, and we can help you make the entire transformation process as simple as possible.

Take a Quick Tour of Oracle Integrated Cloud to discover how to transform your customer experience, and deliver a seamless and highly-rewarding brand experience.

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